Introducing Brainprick – Our New Name and Platform

I am really thrilled to announce that we’ve re-launched our blog SuccessStories as Brainprick!
Well, from the very start, we loved the name for all it stood for – ‘success stories from across the globe’ but now when we desire to explore different horizon of knowledge encompassing success from various fields in combination with creative initiative and innovative and interesting facts, we felt restricted by the name ‘Success Stories’.
All of our previous contents will stay with us; however, we shall start exploring science, technology, art, creativity, reasoning and several other thought provoking fields.
With the new blog, our vision is to create right environment that will provoke our readers to delve into seeking greater understanding of the things that impact our lives.
There is a saying “the more you read the more it becomes an unquenchable thirst and an insatiable desire.”

Brainprick will continue provoking its readers to think for themselves and the world around.

We are working on a number of things and soon you will find a brand new version of our blog. We will appreciate your comments and suggestions with open heart.

I hope you all like this new name!

Best Regards,