Jack Hill, the World’s Youngest Male Radio Presenter


At the age 8 Jack Hill set the world record of becoming the Youngest Male Radio Presenter and held his own one-hour show at Star Radio 107.7 which is now a big hit. He held his radio show on 26th October 2008 and received his first radio show in his short performance during a summer festival in Weston-super-Mare. The popularity of the show got him the job of running the radio show every month.

Jack is believed to be holding another world record of holding the longest radio show 135 hours non-stop in a trip to Italy. He has his twin brother Harry who is accompanying him in his Dj-ing. According to his teacher Mr Clegg, known as DJ Kickback, “Jack was a natural and took to it like a duck takes to water. I have students more than twice his age who are not as good.”

Info Source: worldrecordsacademy.org