Jen Bekman: CEO and Founder of 20×200

Jen Bekman

20×200 is a New York City based ecommerce site or online gallery to sell original and emerging artist editions at reasonable prices. It was initiated and founded in 2007 by Jen Bekman, a writer, curator and gallerist. She started 20×200 to inspire new artists to exhibit their work on a global platform and get the best value for their work. The site features artists’ work such as photography, paintings and mixed media and sells them with the artists’ signed certificates for authentication. She started her business by selling some prints of artists’ original creations at the cheapest price of $20 and over the 4 years 20×200 sold over 180,000 prints of emerging as well as established artists.
In 2010, photographer William Wegman sold his works worth $100,000 within a single day through this platform. It works with several budding as well as established artists and publishes original, innovative editions every week with the prices starting from as low as $24 and as high as $10,000 or over.

In April 2010, in an interview to fast company, Jen Bekman revealed that her another purpose of this platform would be to break the traditional belief that art was only for the rich and elite.

Bekman emphasizes on keeping the art affordable and in the realm of every art lover.


Info Source: www.20×