Like Begets Like

Feeling insecure is a part of being human and its suffering can become a stumbling block to success. Much of this suffering stems from fear.

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However, some of this is due to us not being loved enough-by ourselves.

We are busy to our very bones in meeting the demands set by other people. But we don’t spare a little time for some much-deserved self-love.

When magazines go on about making some ‘Me-Time’ this is what they actually mean. When you spend some time doing something which you love, or when you’re in your loved ones’ company for some time, don’t you feel happy and self-satisfied?

This is another way of you nurturing your Self. Don’t worry what other people think- you owe yourself some self-nurturing.

This is because, the more you are self-loved, the more you are self-aware and the more you’re Self-Aware, the more confidence you radiate both inwardly and outwards too.

When people subconsciously look for people who aren’t self-loved, it is probably because they aren’t self-loved themselves.

Hence, the phrase: ‘like begets like’?
We, as humans, have a capability to recognise people who are similar to us and those who are different.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that similar people=good people and different people= bad people.

It could just as well work the other way round, i.e. similar people=bad people and different people=good people.

We can only find out which of these equations we share with others, when we know enough about our own selves.

The more good we get at self-analysing we’re more likely to analyse other people just as well enough.

Why? Well, possibly because we regard others the way we regard our own selves.

So, the more we love ourselves-warts and all-the less insecure we get.

However, your writer does not- in any shape or form- want to preach selfishness here. There is a huge difference between self-love and selfishness!

When one is selfish, one thinks about their needs, wants and desires, all the time, without considering what could happen to anyone else.

When you are self-loved, you feel a deep sense of satisfaction, which enables you to throw your fears away and move on to uncharted territories in the quest of a better love life, a better career or work situation, better relationships with your families and friends.

Most of all,it is this satisfaction that brings about the ability to care for yourself and others.Thus, by taking up self-nurturing activities that won’t harm anyone else, will lead you to sweet smell of success.

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