The Loam

The flower in the grass

The soil in the field,
Rich and yielding,
Lets grow on her arms,
The green harvest.

The village soil,
And free,
Can hold,
The largest tree,
But was laughed upon
By the man on a mission,
Away he brushed
her countryside trust,

Judged her porous, airy texture,
He could see the weak clay,
Which could not hold,
The concrete jungle,
Of his thoughts, thinking,
she had no powers to cement,
she was just a crust of rust.

He swept her off under the carpet as dust,
The pinch of country soil,
Flew away with the winds,
For her,
Reaching to create
Back in the fields was a must.

Sangeeta Suneja has compiled a book of poetry, short stories and essays under the title “The First Few Minutes”. In the book she tries to capture pure emotions. It reflects years of introspection, churning and catalysting all life experiences into words. Her words will tickle some thoughts in your mind, making you introspect about your life. The book aims to explain how your thoughts mould your personality.
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