Looking Beyond The Perception We Rely Upon

Our living is not determined by the circumstances, daily affairs or what life brings to us; it is determined by the attitude we bring to our life. It is our attitude that fills our life with joyful experiences and connects us with great people around.

Image: flickr.com/photos/h-k-d/

It was a fine Monday evening I went to market with Alex (my husband) for shopping. Like most women, shopping is my favorite pastime. Any way, I bought a green and a light-red T-shirt from one of the malls I frequently visit. As the shop was highly crowded, I had no time to go through the inscriptions so I asked Alex to help me choose the best ones. The colors were my choice and the inscriptions were his. The whole way I was very excited to have a detailed notice of what he’d chosen for me.

When I noticed the print at home, it disappointed me –-few drops of tears rolling down from white cartooned face. It looked so sad and my reaction was, “What the hell is this? A crying and tormented face?” I just stumbled upon it and could not look further and beyond.

Alex smiled and said, “Is that all you see?”

I gave it another look and two large words made my day! ‘DON’T WORRY’ it was written down the face.” It puzzled me…. And a big brightened smile surfaced on my face.

Moral of the story:

Negative thoughts, oftentimes, are bound to come but they never come alone; they are accompanied by positive thoughts. Which one stays with you is decided by your attitude. Thoughts can be controlled by your second-by-second awareness of your thinking pattern and your negative perspectives can be transformed into a more positive-focused ones.

Sometimes, we stumble upon a negative thought and lament over it and miss positive ones waiting for our single glance.

Chose to stay positive regardless of what is happening around you and it will help you to be the person what you always wanted to be.

Like happiness, attitude is also a choice; we have got one life, So why waste energy dwelling on worries?