Maddie Bradshaw, Founder of M3 Girl Designs, Converted $300 into a Multi-Million Brand in Less than 2 Years


The Dallas-based company M3 Girl Designs was founded in 2006 by a 10 year old girl Maddie Bradshaw with a humble investment of $300. According to Maddie, She was passionate about art and designing creative things from the early age of 6. At the age of 10, her passion took her to establishing a thriving company for young girls. In less than two years time, Maddie’s flagship product the SNAP CAPS® turned M3 Girl Designs into popular national brand and she was selling over 50,000 necklaces and caps per month throughout the U.S. markets. Today, her designing caps can be found at various shops and boutiques across the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas and the United Kingdom.

According to Maddie, the inspiration of something like M3 Girl Designs stems from her family business of recycling plastic products. However, she was fascinated and initiated by her own idea and passion. She started the company from scratch and invested just $300. Besides being the founder, president, as well as the head designer, she is still a full-time student. She is the member of swim team and likes to play lacrosse and tennis. Margot, her 12-year-old sister and great assistance in design, is the vice president of the company and attends business meetings. Her mother Diane Bradshaw is the CEO of the company and is responsible for all the financials.

“I’m glad I started this company as a kid … I’ve learned how to market a business — and I think it’s really fun.” Bradshaw says

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