Midsummer Dream

Midsummer dream

In the afternoons of summer,
Bunking my office
I play housie with my hubby,
Freshly quilted cotton cushions,
Flipping at each other
Camouflaged annoyance,
Soft laughter
writes the success stories,
Hiding my face, poetries hang
Encircled by the tousled locks,
Unkempt, I nod,
Sometime, when we both agree,
Confused, on our agreements,
Me and my growing old man,
Along a freshly cooked meal,
I serve him some stored wasted time,
We cheer, we smile,
Sip our old wine,
‘I want more of off time,’ I say,
doing silly things,
Like, hopscotching together,
Autumn dreams,
He stumbles, I hold,
I falter, I feel,
He lets me deal,
I smell fresh mint leaves,
Ripe mangoes, peaches,
Ladies finger, some ginger,
He has replenished my pantry.
Its tea time,
But this time he serves,
This midsummer dream is mine.

Artwork: Sangeeta Suneja