Mind And Success

Some of the world’s most successful people, before attaining success in their respective fields, could envision themselves marching towards their success. They are the people with positive frame of mind. If you consciously think that you are a successful person and open your heart and soul to possibilities, success will reach you. Likewise, if you consider yourself that you are a flop, you will become a flop in your life. There is a popular saying “You become what you think and believe”. If you always expect scarcity in your life, scarcity will befall you. If you always conjure up abundance, abundance will follow you.

We humans have three levels of consciousness. They are consciousness, subconsciousness and super-consciousness. In order to convert failure into success, you need to extract the power of super consciousness and subconsciousness. If you consciously believe that you cannot achieve some thing, the subconscious mind will absorb your negative beliefs which will keep you from doing the things to achieve. Therefore, to achieve something great in life, you need to picture it positively; your subconscious mind will prove what you conjure up true and right.
For example, if a morbidly obese man consciously believes that he cannot shed weight to become lean and fit, he will never become a fighting fit person. His belief is absorbed by the sub conscious mind which deters him from doing any constructive effort to become healthy and slim. Hence, at personal level his achievement to become slim is jeopardized.

Great celebrities’ lives have expounded that to achieve success at personal level, you must believe in success and paint a picture of yourself succeeding. The conscious mind and the sub conscious mind must work together to create success. To achieve success, your beliefs about success should be properly programmed. So, to achieve great feats at personal level, “you need to plan your work and you need to work your plan”

Everyone is endowed with a fountain of energy and a reservoir of potentialities. If you need to believe that you have a right attitude and affirmation to succeed, success will trail behind you. Strong will and determination and right efforts will fetch success and fame. The most celebrated mathematical genius, S.Ramanujan is an example for how a strong will to achieve could fetch name and fame. Though he was very frail in his health and stature, he consciously believed that he could do great strides in mathematics, and success followed him. His theorems are still researched by the scholars. S.Ramanujan consciously believed that he could achieve, his sub conscious mind absorbed it. His conscious and subconscious mind worked together and he could create many sums and theorems.

To attain success at the personal level, you should have an affirmation on success. The affirmation should be rhythmic. Success in human life always varies. If a baby develops and progresses to the walking stage, it is a success at the child level. If a heavy smoker wishes to give up smoking, he should tell himself that ‘I shall never smoke’ rather, he can tell himself that, “I have given up smoking”. If he recites this often, his conscious mind and the sub conscious mind will work together and the pernicious habit of smoking is done away with. This is success at the personal level.
If a student wants to become the first ranker in the board exam, he should tell himself he will become the first ranker and he has to conjure up that he had already emerged the top ranker and definitely he will achieve his cherished goal. If all the people achieve success at the personal level, any nation could become a success in the comity of nations of the world. Success at the personal level translates into success at the national and international level.