New Media And Real Success

Success is everything in life and everything in life is a success! Even when we think we have failed. Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb said when he had failed 11000 times that he knew 11000 ways how to NOT develop a light bulb. It is all about how you interpret what is happening.
Once I was a news journalist. I was probably the first female sportsjournalist as I started my career in 1976 as writing sports in a small local paper in Sweden. My career was everything for me. As a highschool student I dreamt about working at the national TVnews in Sweden and everybody laughed at me.
Well, I took my PhD in journalism and forgot about my old dream as I suddenly realized some years later that I had achieved it. I was an anchor woman in the late night national news. I loved my job but I was unhappy.
To make a very long story short, I left my lovely career because I felt I wanted to inspire people and that I could not do as a news journalist, telling stories that were mostly negative.
Many people probably thought I was crazy leaving a successful job with a high salary but something pushed me away. I left Stockholm with my young daughter and moved to a beautiful island in the Baltic see.
I also started my inner journey at the same time. That was so exciting and gave me so many wonderful meetings and experiences with people. I did not have a lot of money so I had to develop other income. I started a publishing company and wrote books. I loved that! I renovated old houses, lived in them and then sold them when they were ready. I took painting classes in something called Vedic Art. Yes it was knowledge from the Veda books, created by Curt Källman, a Swedish artist that had learned Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Vedic Art, Photo:

I learned that too and it was so exciting. Painting and living is almost the same. The creative force and process go hand in hand and that was so exciting to discover.
During this time I realized that I could use my experience from working as a news journalist not telling negative stories but telling great stories about people.
So I decided to start a tv-channel with only inspiring stories. I can tell you that from the beginning I did not have many former collegues that supported my idea.
I tried many ways to start and I also can talk about how many ways I have failed and know a lot of ways how NOT to start a tv-channel.
But today there is an inspiring tv-channel GreatPeople.Tv that I founded two years ago by collecting other peoples inspiring stories on the Youtube and presenting them.
In October last year we also founded the Non profit foundation Great People Media. I also started co creating with a good friend and inspiration Marianne Rugård Järvstråt, who founded Bombadil Publishing, a publishing company where children are writing books for other children.
We are seven excellent people in the board now. We want to start our own TVproduction of good stories.
During these seven years of planning, I have realized that in every negative story there are seeds of possibilities. Therefore, I believe that it is time to change the journalism to become an inspiration instead of depressing and scaring people.
Great People Media is planning to let the proffessionals educate weak groups to become our inspirational barefoot media journalists. We want to give the voicless a voice in media. We will start with a pilot in Africa or where we can get funding.
Media is changing technically and getting more democratic. Everybody can post a movie on Facebook or other social medias. The technique is cheap. But there still are people who do not have access to media.
It is important to educate people and also to create platforms where you know that you can trust the information that is presented there. is that platform and we aspire to become a company that also can produce and present that kind of inspiring, professional information. We will have reporters from all over the world that we have educated and that reports inspiring stories from their own culture. We focus on stories from the heart, success stories, sustainable living and global wealth.
Giving the voiceless a voice, having the intention of winwinwin (I win, You win, Everybody wins), cocreating and inspiring people to be at peace in their hearts.
Now THAT is true success!!!

For people who want to join, can contact Erika on her email: [email protected]