Nothing Happens Until Something Moves

Nothing happens until something moves! True! The simmering inner most rays might be compelling you to project them outwards. But you might be having cajoled effects of variable reasons to set the flames aside and walk in the normal, heavy headed duties of the routine life.

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What gives us that shrug in the brain to let the light put off? A living legend of hard core strained routine? Responsibilities? Negligence? Low courage? Or stamped illness of life towards us? Stead fast rules you framed out of your boundaries?
Whatever may be the reason; there are always exceptions to the rules. Soar and bitter past, reluctant glances towards the future….
These things drive our present into a big tunnel and we just stare at the darkness mongering all over with empty hands and thoughts!
Necessity is the mother of invention. So create a necessity to plunge into the adventure of inventions. Hit the life sleeping tranquilized by the ruthless routine.
Saddled under the hoarse rust of weaknesses, our spirit gets rusted too. Our freshness gets withered and we feel like “let this day go…”
Is there a slack season to sell off your spirit? I don’t think so!
Is there a blocked reason to give 100% of your efforts? I don’t think so!
Folded wings need to stretch with fresh energy to fly…
A seed can’t be dormant without getting germinated1
I’ve seen people who wander in the wilderness without any direction. I’ve seen people who seem torn out with lot of problems too!
But one day, they get enlightened by some fire! There is a different type of catalyst emerging from their souls one day…which changes everything….for ever….and we watch them evolve!
Perhaps, they kindled the inner fire and the catalyst which acted never left the fire to put off! Success is not easy…success is not difficult….it becomes a journey for the one’s who hold its right pulse!
Winning is not a criteria…winning is not a qualification…it becomes a habit for the one’s who build a caravan of efforts!
One particular dream or one particular spirit raises the motives to chase it until it’s reached and you just hit your flag on its hard rock….standing strong and straight….flagging confidence to the whole world.

Know your trigger:

What is it that triggers you to go on a race? Recognize it first!
What is it that runs your veins in passion? Try to catch it first!
Then, everything becomes easy….
When everything falls in perfect place, you’re planning and execution will win laurels. But, move your deeds….race up your actions….just in a planned manner.

Consequences may be fruitful or result in failures. Thing that you executed your plans and actions matters! One experience will lead to the other and the chain continues. But one day, the chain will start glittering with gems of success!

Explore your inside:

We feel that we explore the world. We think of the outside world and its relevant tides which hit us, affect us. But do we really explore the inner side of us anytime? Do that and see! You’ll explore a new self within. Explore and let it come out to work out its efforts! You might be having streets filled with enthusiasm which you never visited. You might be having thoughts filled with solutions for contemporary issues you struggle with all the time, whose doors you never knocked.

Be inquisitive:

Keep questioning yourself. Eloquent assertions give reasons to dig the difficulties.
Catch hold of that invaluable piece of land to cultivate golden threshold.
Paths are narrow, paths are wide….but when you have to travel….you need to explore!
Let the world stand awestruck. Let the spectators get inspired. Let the soul inside you dance in merriment. Let the shrill in the veins turn out to the fabulous flow of success.
Pamper a deep sense of affection towards success. Take the chisel of hard work to make artifacts of new vision.
Violate the rules of hush up routine life. Wear new wings. Paint new colours. Shape yourself. Give it a gift.

Let it be slow and steady or a jet projection….success comes only when you feel the desire to attain it. Everything else comes into the place automatically. You just need to be fluttering with depth of lust towards attaining it!

Modern age gladiators don’t confine themselves to the fighting arena. They extend their fight with the whole of the world’s fist.

A legendary foot never stops at one stage. That’s why, success is not easy…success is not difficult…it becomes a journey!

Archery is not just bow and arrows. Ammunition is not just guns and explosives. The hands, the mind involved in using them makes the difference.

Take your bit of heaven raising from the derth’s of nadir. But extend your hands to raise the fellow humanity. Let your success inspire! Let your success do good to the society!

Freedom from the chains of slavery…..from the chains of all weaknesses gives immense strength to build the powerful wings….wear them…..and set off in flight! So, free yourself from slavery!

Prize your success the most. The most powerful weapon of a warrior is the “PASSION”.

  • It’s so motivating!
    The most powerful weapon of a warrior is the “PASSION”.

  • Jaden

    “A legendary foot never stops at one stage. That’s why, success is not easy…success is not difficult…it becomes a journey!”

    Thanks Vijaya Bhanu Kote! The article made my day 🙂

  • I have a question.
    What you say helps best when the person is happy and healthy. International flames fade when a person is depressed or all time low. Self-motivation fails and often results into suicide and self-confinement.
    What to do Mrs. Khote when the person fails to motivate himself or herself?
    Can we find a way out to help such people?

    • My Dear Adam,
      True. This article is for those who want and can fight. Depression is such a killer that it doesn’t even let us know when we are killed. we breath and eat. we survive. but the inner soul withers away. I do know its pangs and how they hover over! I am really sorry for the situation.
      self motivation gives new hope and a zeal to fight. but for those who are in depression, we can’t expect lot from them to ignite the flame of self motivation. Then we should act as a vital catalyst. family members, relatives and friends.
      I know, many times we fail to bring them to normalcy. then I believe that something new should happen to change the air. ( may be a new job, new environment to live in, new friends and new circumstances) it differs from person to person. the same old formula won’t work out for every individual. I myself was the victim of dreadful depression. my story is different. but I coped up for myself.
      I can post my story if you wish to know. And if you wish, lets work out something for the adolescent kid for her better future. Hope you find solace very soon.
      My love and best wishes…
      My prayers are always there…
      VijayaBhanu Kote.

      • Thanks Vijaya!
        I appreciate your encouraging words.
        Well yes, we are moving to Seminole of Florida. The place she loves the most. Though it’s been almost 6 years since she last visited the place.
        It feels great that you fought your battle and won 🙂


        • Dear Adam,
          I am really very happy to know this. Now I am confident that the new place, that too the place she loves the most is gonna change her and give peace.
          This is the time that you people behave as if nothing happened to her and start to fill in merriment in every moment. Try new things…new experiments…new way of living…
          My blessings to the kid and her siblings….
          My best wishes to you both ( brave and best parents)
          Love and regards,
          VijayaBhanu Kote.

  • I forgot to introduce myself:
    I am a father of three, all in teens. My only daughter seems to have failed recovering herself from a relationship which wasn’t meant for her. Me and my wife have done our best but nothing seems to do a bit for her.
    The article you posted above is for people who want to fight and not for the one who’ve given in.

    • Internal or external, we need motivation to keep our life on the growing edge. I really feel sad to her about your daughter. She needs your emotional support. In some cases it takes some time but the chances are 100% 🙂

      I wish her all the best!