Passion Makes You Holler


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Passion is the genesis of brilliance and a powerful engine of success! Finding out what you are tremendously passionate about and stamping it with your personality is the way to elevating yourself into a state where you are emotionally, spiritually and psychologically free to attain the height of success you desire and deserve. The anatomy of greatest achievers are somewhat of similar pattern; they are: restlessly passionate, timelessly patient and extremely determined. There is no greatness without being passionate and nothing great has ever been accomplished without passion.

Pursuing your deepest desire is the only way you can put yourself on the track of becoming your authentic you, creating luck or opportunity, awakening the possibility in the present by extracting the meanings out of the moments, fueling optimism, strengthening the consistent source of enthusiasm and unfolding the value of your existence. Passion has been the drive of all successful entrepreneurs, musicians, poets, architects, doctors, philanthropists and singers, assisting them to thrive and increase their luck exponentially in their respected fields.

“If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happening FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you. T. Alan Armstrong”

How passion evokes luck

Luck emerges from diligence, the execution of correct course of action, and a prepared mind; and is always on the side of skilled negotiator. Only the lazy souls idolize LUCK as miracle to rise effortlessly and emphasize on the ‘luck factor’ to be significantly instrumental in true warrior’s gain. What’s interesting about passion is that it puts you in an eccentrically comfortable state where you accomplish every seemingly impossible task playfully. When you are completely and truly committed towards achieving the list of your goals and plans, you create benchmark and gateways to success and on the way you often meet favors what we fantasies and glorify as LUCK.

Luck can never evolve from nowhere, it has to have a source. Your inability in finding any link in your favor to your past actions is enough reason to believe you are unworthy candidate of the fruit in your hand – you are actually enjoying others shares.

Why Passionate people never run out of luck?

1. Luck is hidden in the persistency of purpose, tenacity in standing still in front of difficulties, giving 100% regardless of any profound or drastic ramifications and all are prominent characteristics of passionate people. Hence they never run out of luck.

2. Passionate people consistently employ and develop various psychological techniques to efficiently handle and sometimes thrive upon the difficulties and maintain the persistency of progress towards attaining their goals.

3. Research shows that people who are driven by their passion become the best in their fields. They hold their passion tightly as the prime force of life to live for and don’t consider external difficulties or cosmic forces to be barrier on their way to accomplishing them.

4. Psychologists say that people who find love in what they are doing, opportunities, money and good luck arrive trailing behind them. Passionate people are happy which initiates their immense potential to expand and flourish in their fields.

5. Passionate people might seem to be gifted with inexplicable abundance of good fortune and luck but in reality they accomplish everything with their best possible resources – dedication and hard work. Luck isn’t a miracle or magic wand rather a set of events that occur because of the course of previous actions.

6. Most people perceive opportunities to be a massive task and prefer to be consistent in their present business while passionate people take chance in any small opportunities to build the foundation of great enterprise. The more actions you take, the more luck you are likely to stumble upon.

7. Passionate people believe they are never too old to pursue their passion while others shut off their way of pursuing passion concerning of their dead-end age.

At the age of 45 Harland Sanders was named a Kentucky Colonel by the Governor for his distinguished cooking style.

At the age of 78, Grandma Moses pursued her childhood dream for painting and became one of the most successful Americanfolk artists.

At age 78, Millie Garfield started blogging and at the age 84, she is called the internet legend.

At the age 63, Sister Marion Irvine entered a half marathon and built 60-64 age group women world record in 5,000 meters. There are several such people who we may call lucky but in reality their luck emerged from pursuing lifelong passion and taking actions in right direction.

“Luck does not happen for any reason. The majority of times you will find hard work and action behind those that you think are lucky.” Catherine Pulsifer