PayTango: A Better Payment Solution At Your Fingertip


All four founding members from Carnegie Mellon University Kelly Lau-Kee, Brian Groudan, Umang Patel, and Christian Reyes teamed up to develop a better and quicker payment solution that could replace debit or credit cards or other paying solution that demand you to carry your identity proof. Since they brought along distinctive business, technical, as well as design expertise and strong past experience of designing and building hardware and software for Mozilla, Google, Amazon, the Department of Defense, and others; it wasn’t quite difficult for them to create PayTango, an innovative machine that recognizes users by their fingerprints. Registration takes seconds and to accomplish the transaction users need to place their two fingers on the fingerprint reader, swipe the card and type in a phone number and that’s it. One can forget taking a bunch of credit cards, wallets or keys and yet can make payment.
Umang Patel states, “We desired to come up with better solution of the problem of carrying bunch of cards you need to identify yourself…we felt biometrics can be the best alternative way to resolve the problem of keys, credit or other ID cards.”

Altogether, they have brought major positive changes in Information Systems, Human Computer Interaction, Business Administration, and Industrial Design. Since its inception, the founding members are also ready to launch their would-be impactful service on college campuses and retailers as well as the places where one has to carry a unique ID card. PayTango has successfully received funds from Y Combinator as well as some of the top investors in the Silicon Valley.

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