Personality And Purpose

Personality and the Purpose

What is personality?
Simply put, personality is a product of our environment. Although we may deny this as it contradicts our idea of ‘free will’ and ‘choice’. Except a few who stumble into something new, majority of the masses have personalities crafted according to already established professions.

What about the self-made men and women?

If we study their lives, most of the personalities get created out of being denied something in the formative years. The urge to achieve and hoard if taken to its extreme can turn out to be shocking. Criminals and dictators are a product of this line of thought.
Many personalities are molded through induced aspirations or as reaction to an event. Seldom are personalities created free of any external stimuli.

What is the purpose everyone is trying to find out?
“What is the purpose of my life?” Does the question sound familiar? We create objects for a purpose, to serve a particular need. And somehow we extend this question to ourselves as adults.

When we fail to find any we settle on survival. And make it a battle. Here’s a short story which reminds of a familiar daily scene.

Outside a railway station, two dogs were lying in the warmth of morning sun. Suddenly, out of nowhere a surge of people came towards the station. One of them, terrified, stood up immediately in a bid to flee from the scene. The other one said in a playful tone, “Don’t worry mate, they are running for their livelihood.”

“Isn’t it lucky to be a dog?” quipped the first.
Another familiar scene is children quarrelling over a game while adults are laughing, trying to convince them that, “It’s just a game after all!” Does this apply to our purported purposes?

Bundled with a personality comes a purpose. In other words personalities are formed to meet a need. If one carefully notices it is evident throughout history that in situations where a need was born socially or otherwise someone occupied the scene to fulfill it just as air enters vacuum.

Is there a connection between them?
When our cultivated personality succeeds in satisfying our made up purpose we make it the purpose of our life.

There comes a time when we want to forget our identity. We want to keep aside away everything. On one end we are cultivating it through all means possible and we come to bumpy moments which make us forget it.

And have you thought about this: how personalities can be crafted deceitfully even though they do not meet the desired purpose. This is the very reason for poor quality in the world of things and being cheated in the human world.

Whether we succeed in discovering our purpose or not, life goes on. The trick lies in not letting ‘our’ purpose and personality overplay our place in the larger scheme of existence.