Philips ErgoSensor: The Computer Monitor that Tracks and Corrects your Posture

Philips ErgoSensor

Working for several hours in front of the computer without breaks can be disastrous; the result ranges from common phenomena – anxiety, headaches, physical as well as psychological fatigues, and sleeping disorders – to long-term serious health troubles for example mental damage, spinal cord injury and even death before the time. Very recent survey performed by the University of Melbourne, if people aged 45 or above spend 11 or more hours without rest are 40% more likely to die in the next three years. More over, our tendency of not bothering about the right posture, maintaining right distance of eye, neck and back is leading us to premature damages.

Philips ErgoSensor Diagram

Philips has launched ErgoSensor monitor that is equipped with a camera that will consistently determine whether your distance from the monitor and sitting postures are in correct position. It will alert you and snub you for not maintaining an appropriate distance for example, the minimum and maximum distance of your eyes from the screen. In case you are sitting slouched, it alerts you and tells you come back in right position.
ErgoSensor will possibly eliminate your common complaints including fatigue, back and neck pain, anxiety, headaches and eyesight problems. Besides being your reminder and adviser, it will senses when you are not in front of the monitor and automatically shut off its screen and save energy and preserve power. Currently, it is available in Europe for about $294 but soon will be launched in all continents.