Reboot your Life Offline

As the pen traces my thoughts on paper, after a long time, all the productive people in my locality are facing a crisis. For the past few hours the energy that drives our entire day has been drawn out of all the innumerable gadgets man has spawned in the last few decades to make this world a better place. In other words the power supply to our locality has been shut down due to some maintenance work. To the dismay of my parents, I’m in love with this. Sounds strange?

Yes, I can understand your confused state. What has it got to do with his post? Well, this post celebrates the joy of rebooting our life. After many days, I could hear the sound of silence. Can life be transformed in a matter of few hours? Yes, today it did for me. Here are a few lessons I learned, although the uncomfortable way.

1) Listen: In our busy I-am-responsible-for-the-world’s-survival schedule we hear so much and listen so less. The sound of a sparrow chirping on the window sill is so refreshing. Better than any music therapy. Nature has made provisions for our needs, yet we are busy consuming on a full tummy. Listen to what your self has to say. If you can, you have found your long lost companion back.

2) See: In an age where the world economies function around the information-is-power line of thought, has our life become a mere information processing unit getting paid for the work? Perhaps it will be written in our obituaries ‘Born-Worked-Died’. I can’t help but quote the Beatle star John Lennon, when he has put it aptly, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” When was the last time you saw all the old stuff that you have hoarded in your home and wondered whether it belongs to you?

Life becomes stagnant when one accumulates, denying oneself the joy of giving. May be a glass of water to the tired and taken for granted postman or a cup of tea to your watchman may add a moment of relief in their life. And yes, this is not a solution to their problems.

We are living with a distorted meaning of productivity. In a country where quantity has become the norm of judging things, we have and are neglecting the fundamentals.
May be nature decided to teach me this invaluable lesson through the much cursed power cut-off. No tweets, no notifications or emails in the past few hours, haven’t done any damage.
It is high time we dispel of the myths accumulated in our life.
Happy rebooting!