Robin Eley: An Incredible Artist and his Hyper-realistic’ Paintings

Robin Eley is a London-born Australian versatile artist whose paintings are aesthetic composition that evokes profound feelings for his real-life touch. The elements, techniques, colors and textures of his paintings are so real that they look no different than high-resolution photographs. Some critics raised questions on his work and some even visited his studio to see if he really used brush and oil colors to create these hyper-realistic paintings.
In an interview to a news channels Eley said, “As I move through life, I am confronted by questions of doubt, isolation and anxiety. And for these many questions, painting is my only answer.”

He was born in 1978 in London and moved to Australia along with his family when he was only 3 years old. In 1997, he went to California where he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Westmont College and came back to Australia where he currently lives with his family.

Robin Eley has been awarded and honored for several times: In 2008, he received Emerging Artist Award from Rip it Up Magazine; in 2010, he won Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, for his painting “The Shadows of His Former Self”; in 2012 he was the finalist for The Archibald Prize, for “Bibliography” and many more.

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