Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is a best-seller author, and one of the world’s top premier scholars on leadership and personal development. He is the author of several major books including international bestsellers ‘The Greatness Guide Series’, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and CEO of a global training firm ‘Sharma Leadership International Inc.’ He frequently appears on top international media including CNN and MSNBC. His long client list includes some of the renowned organizations such as NASA, GE, Microsoft, Nike, FedEx, BP, IBM, Yale University and The Harvard School of Business. He assists people realize their maximum potential and stay relaxed to create extraordinary results amidst the most difficult circumstances and improve their personal as well as professional lives.

At one occasion he said: “Too many people spend their lives achieving in order to be happy at some later date. I believe we should be happy at the same time as we achieve. We should happily achieve. Happiness is not a destination; it’s a journey.”

His authored several bestsellers including The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Greatness Guide, The Leader Who Had No Title, Discover Your Destiny With The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Who Will Cry When You Die, The Greatness Guide Book 2: 101 Lessons For Success and Happiness, Leadership Wisdom, The Saint The Surfer And The CEO, Daily Inspiration from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Family Wisdom, The Lead Without A Title Manifesto, MegaLiving: 30 Days To A Perfect Life.

He is also widely known as a remarkable speaker who emphasizes on exploring gems within you, enhancing growth and enriching life. What makes him special is that he explains all intricacies of life, within which we are trapped in, in strikingly effective but straight-forward way. In his words, “Each day, life will send you little windows of opportunity. Our destiny is ultimately defined by how we respond to these windows of opportunity. Shrink from them and your life will be small. Feel the fear and run to them anyway, and your life will be large.”
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