Robson Walton

S. Robson Walton, the eldest son of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton, was born in 1945 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He studied at The College of Wooster, where he is now an Emeritus Life Trustee. In 1966 he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the University of Arkansas. In 1969, he finished his juris doctor degree from the Columbia University School of Law in New York City.

After the completion of his studies he joined the law firm of Conner and Winters in Tulsa, Okla that represented Wal-Mart and worked till his father’s death. He has served Wal-Mart as Wal-Mart officer and director since 1978 and Vice Chairman since 1982. Besides, he has also been Senior Vice Chairman, General Counsel and Secretary for Wal-Mart and finally in 1992, he became the chairman of the board of directors.

According to Forbes Magazine 2010, he is the world’s 18th richest man whose net worth is $19.8 billion