Sanjay Dastoor: Co-founder of Boosted Boards, the World’s Lightest Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

Sanjay Dastoor

How would you feel if you were offered an electric transportation that consumes 20 times less energy than a car, and is far lighter, reliable and affordable than any other vehicle around? A vehicle that empowers you to accomplish your favorite uphill or downhill tricks without any hazards? A vehicle you wouldn’t have to park rather carry it yourself? Doesn’t it sound exciting and seemingly impossible?
However, Sanjay Dastoor has made it practically possible. He has created the lightest electrical vehicle in history along with his fellow engineers John Ulmen and Matthew Tran at Stanford University where they envisioned for such an easy medium to easily walk around inside the University campus. He is the co-founder of

Sanjay Dastoor is an incredible innovator. Besides holding a BS degree from UC Berkeley and an MS from Stanford, he is on the way of completing his PhD on bio-inspired robotics at Stanford. He has already served NASA in its Jet Propulsion Lab and SRI International and joined the Y Combinator and StartX incubator programs.

Its Advantages:

Boosted Boards use Twin brushless motors, which are extremely powerful yet extremely light weight and size. It has Lithium batteries, which powers the motors to cover long range, and has Custom electronics and Fast charging that takes only two hours. It saves energy, space, time, and money. On two hours charge, it covers more than 6 miles with top speed of 30 kilometers per hours. You also don’t have to be in fear of running out of charge as it still rolls like normal long-boards.

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