Seeds of Success

Success, as most of us know today, is in terms of popularity and financial well being. Whatever it is you do, if you have these two there is a high possibility of being considered someone in the society.
These two are the results of some seeds that have been planted quite some time back. “What are those seeds?” “But I do not measure success in these terms, but they are needed in today’s world. Can I be successful, popular and financially better at the same time?” Questions torment the mind endlessly. Let’s figure out a solution.
Any profession that one chooses for livelihood, fundamentally, exists because it fulfills a need. The need may be physical (for e.g. hunger), emotional (for e.g. the need to be in touch with people constantly), intellectual (for e.g. literature/philosophy) and so on. As long as you can fulfill a need in the best possible way, you are in business. And it important to understand, that the need may not exist at some point in time. This is what happens when people are out of jobs and they don’t know what to do.
When your focus shifts from fulfilling a need to solely “How I can make money from this person”, it is an early sign of downfall. This can be verified anywhere in history.
Now, could anyone have thought about earning a living from washing shoes? Sandeep Gajakas did. And in fact, he is doing much better than surviving. Visit his Shoe Laundary.
When a child is solely brought up with the intention of securing the best paying job, he may even make it there. But then life takes over. It is time we learn from the situations around and take a step to avoid such mishaps.
So far so good! But what is the way out?
It is a fact that every person has tendencies due to which he is drawn towards particular things, e.g., a child may, willingly, be spending all his time listening to music, or another is good at talking to people. If the tendencies are determined this way, one can be offered related vocations.
Then success, as most of us know it, is just a consequence. Not something you pursue in the best paying jobs.