Seven Important Things Parents must Remind their Children Everyday

Courtesy: Getty Images

Courtesy: Getty Images

The best thing you can spend upon your kids is ‘Time’ as they calculate “Love = Your Time Spent with Them”. And the best inheritance you can give them away is life empowering philosophies which will enrich and strengthen them with confidence to accomplish any goal they wish upon. The relationship between parent and child is of a bond that lays the foundation for the rest of child’s life. It determines their resiliency accepting things and molding themselves accordingly – in a nutshell, what man they are going to be. There are many simple and loving words through which you can teach them precious life lessons they can carry along while travelling on the roads full of troubles. Parent’s words are the greatest assurance that opens up the roomful of possibilities in every child’s life.

1. Giving up is not an option

It’s very difficult to inspire children to keep going when going gets hard. “I can’t do it..I tried but failed” is the most common complain parents receive from their kids when they show their past failures and disappointments in front parents and attempt to step back from learning a new skill or daring forward for a new accomplishment. This is the time for parents to make them realize that giving up on themselves is not a sensible option as it will lead them towards more troubles and that problems will not vanish on their own until they are addressed or solved.
Be watchful on their interest and attitude towards doing things; whenever you find out your child to be working hard at something regardless of the outcome, appreciate their perseverance and recognize their hard work with reward so that they feel the sense of taking pride in themselves.

2. Consideration for others

Whining and fighting for their favorite or trivial things is also another common phenomenon among kids which is not bad but sometimes it stems from ignoring somebody’s feeling. Boost their feelings’ vocabulary by discussing various pictures; demonstrate empathy and consideration, show them some movie clips where people get ahead and assist each other. Give them some scenarios where they are being neglected and let them realize how they how they would have felt. Let him identity the act of kindness, let them volunteer for a good cause so that they learn it by themselves.

3. I have faith in you

‘I can do it’ attitude doesn’t come naturally in kids until parents help them believe in themselves with ‘I know you can do it’. When parents show their faith in themselves, they proceed with the approach ‘I can do it anyway’. ‘I believe in you’ is very powerful and confidence-boosting phase that ignites positive attitudes to accomplish any task and kids believe what parents make them believe and see what are shown.

Note: Don’t compare your kids with anybody, don’t label them negatively, or use the words that can strain their individuality and underestimate the sense of self-wroth.

4. Happiness is a choice

As a parent, teaching your kids to develop constructive habits to control mind, cultivate fun and create happiness for the sake of living happily is the Holy Grail of parenting success. Make sure you kids don’t get affected by tough life situations, which can be a common challenge for parents. In any adverse situation, teach them to eliminate worry and cultivate optimism to solve the problem. You can encourage them to model some positive self-talk, which is a proven way to cheer for the self.

5. Conscious practice is how we learn

Among several challenges that parents handle is making their kids understand the importance of practice. Kids generally like practice something that is less boring, daunting, or challenging; tutor them at initial steps and also make them interesting by giving rewards or incentives so that they feel if they practice hard at something they will get better.

6. They are cared and loved

Kid’s hearts are open and they are always ready to show affection and love; they understand the language of love; therefore, they must feel that they are loved and cared by the people around. Whenever they are frightened or bothered for some reason, make them feel safe and cared so that they get the feeling that nothing can go wrong actually. It is self-esteem booster.

7. Every greatest man on earth started as a learner

Kids often feel fascinated by their favorite greatest personalities – famous player, actor, painter or artist, but they seldom imagine them to be a beginner who started their journey as a novice. It is very important to make them feel that everyone starts with nothing but the hard work, struggle and perseverance. It is consistency that helps them reach their destinations. Once they inculcate the habit of working hard, there will be no ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ word in their dictionary.