Shoes of Prey: Design Your Own Shoes

Shoes of Prey Co-founder  Jodie Fox

Shoes of Prey Co-founder Jodie Fox

Shoes of Prey, an online shoe designer application, was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2009 by Jodie Fox, Michael Fox and Mike Knapp. The company offers women a charming freedom to create and design their own distinct beautiful 3D shoes. One can choose the heel, wedge, stiletto, sandals, oxford, fabric, leather, color and ornamentations with fancy accessories to make it designed from anywhere across the world. Accordingly, Shoes of Prey designs and ships them to you about anywhere in the globe.

The most in interesting part is that if you find the end design to be not up to your expectations or feel it looks distant from what you designed, you can return them within one year and they will immediately replace them or refund your money. After ordering, it arrives approximately within four weeks

The company has been featured on various reputed magazines and newspapers including VOGUE, Daily Telegraph, COSMOPOLITAN and many others.

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