Sky Is My Canvas


See a small kid who learns drawing the figures he happens to touch and play, see and experience, on a white paper. He tries to draw balls, dolls, kites, birds, cats, shapes etc., whatever comes in his contact.

It’s a world of exploring on that white sheet. If he doesn’t get a paper, he takes his pencil/colour pencil/sketch and tries to draw on the walls, floor, tables etc., ( we say, he/she spoiled the walls ) an urge to draw, an impending desire to draw these things, drives him/her to move the pencil anywhere!

It is this very urge that makes a person special, the depth of feeling to explore the self and display success! There is nothing like competing or getting on each other’s nerves, something that happens in most of entrepreneurial practices.

Our canvas always floats around us. Do we realize what our canvas is? Do we access it? Do we start painting on it? Do we ever recognize ourselves as an artist?

We hadn’t had much of love for the canvas till now. See the pale skies! I want to paint, giving it a crazy look!

Descending into force, life becomes clumsy. Narrowed paths get irksome. We are not shipped off to any distant island to paint our art. We have to catch hold of the canvas from where we are! Is it hard to look at the mouth full of sky drooping onto us, on our head?

Hitting the first line/ first stroke on the canvas gives a feeling of achievement. Clear away all the clouds of the canvas. Change the guard. Painting on such a big canvas does need a plan, doesn’t it? Relentless efforts to paint a fabulous painting needs a sizable determination. At the end of the day, the painting should be beautiful and vibrant but not ambiguous!

How can I be a good artist?

• Rekindle the spirit.
• Refresh the brushes.
• See that you gather all the tools needed.
• Sail around on the clouds to correct the mistakes done.
• Let your inner strengths explode.
• Occasionally have a vacation.
• Apply success book rules or go innovative.
• Rethink now and then.
• Keep the desire, luring you.
• Rely on your confidence and the strength of your fingers.
• Stick to the dedication.

Is it easy to take it as my canvas?

When I say that sky is my canvas, it attributes the vastness of the canvas. A weird vibe strikes the cord. Sky is not a plain white paper in the hands of a kid. It has clouds, it sometimes strikes thunders, and it sometimes discloses storms, sometimes displays rainbows. Comes up with the brightest sunshine many times and the gloomy dark clouds sometimes! It isn’t easy anyway! But what about the majestic human element I possess?

Recuperating from a bad painting

Yep! This happens! I may not be a skilled artist. The lines might go wrong. The effect I wanted to bring up might turn grey! It may result in a bad painting. So what? Trauma and turmoil push me to learn managing skills. I tone my skills. Put more efforts and plan more. Now my execution steps sharpen! No irony…no repentance…I have another chance!

• I do take rest.
• I do rethink.
• I do pull up my efforts.
• I do reverberate.
• I do rejuvenate.

I do try traditional as well as modern art

The age old methods of success do have lot of importance in my sketch. The new methods too take their role. By the way, I am innovative too! I want those eternal ends
To meet at this horizon!

Linking up the consequences
Few things prove toxic. We get reverse reactions. To analyze the failure is what is essential at this juncture. A bad painting reflects the mistakes you have done. This is a period of recuperating and gathering new tools. The period between a failure and a success is what I call the crucial binder. A bridge that might land you on a safer road. Remember, yet another sunrise awaits for the display of your majestic work.

• I invite smiles. I invite my fellow beings to assist me.
• I invite a cloud of rain to wash away the mistake.
• I take up a broom to clean the reminiscences.
• I stick to the selfishness that I should prove successful in the next phase.
• I am an embodiment of pure love towards my work.
• My canvas is an embodiment of my aspiration.
• Temptation drives me hard.
• Tolerance gives me utmost strength.
• There might be times I get tired. But my spirit keeps me working.
• There might be times when it gets nerve racking but I collect strength to go for my dream.

I have my own mood boosting techniques

“Sky is my canvas” and “I am the best painter.” These are the lines I try to chant every now and then.
• “The sun will rise and will get surprised to see me waking much earlier than him” is the feeling I pamper in my mind.
• I trust myself.
• I can turn into a bird and take a tour to supervise my work.
• I can turn into a brush to paint properly.
• I can turn into a colour to fill the painting.
• I am multitasking but enjoy every task I take up.
• I am a devoted being.
• I listen to music.
• I love fun and enjoy living in every moment.
• I trust in giving and get refreshed by helping someone in need.

I am far from being vulnerable. I am invincible.

• Flexibility- I have the tool called flexibility and I know how to use it.
• No one can take me for granted.
• Self made- I am self made and enjoy its fruits.
• Not immediately does the painting get completed. I know this fact. I am perseverant.
• Dominant is the depth of my colours. I trust their integrity.
• Lethargy is my enemy.
• I don’t have small squares but have a big circle. Sometimes I tend to erase the boundaries to attain success.
• I paint the sky eventfully. My plans are executed in a line.
• I ward off the difficulties.
• I set my trend.
• I tame the difficulties.
• I am made of an element that’s too hard to crack.
• Every possibility…Every enthusiasm…Finds its way into my canvas.
• The spectrum breaks into my canvas!
• Unique is my paint. I blend it my way.
• Ever flowing energy is my revitalizing component.

My broader lines…..
My slimmer strokes…..
You may find yourself in it!
You may find the universal brotherhood in it!
I did it my way….
Do it your way!
See that it emerges to be unique
See that it evolves into universal hood.
I don’t have to put it for display now….
Ultimately, a magnificent painting is displayed and the world gets astonished!
The world is itself awestruck and gifts laurels forever!
Obviously success is mine!
Sky is my canvas….
Though it is viscous 😉