Soul’s Tambourine

Born optimists too have to prove that “IT” exists in them
When pessimism haunts with its forceful fists!

On the knees…
When it pulls you down…
On the knuckles….
Clutches you to pain….
When tragic moments
cross the saturation point
When intense piercing of vehement cruelty
Curses living point

Born optimists too have to prove that “IT” exists in them
When pessimism haunts with its forceful fists!

On the accordion of conditions…
you have to sit and stand
On the wedge of time….
you has to balance and withstand
When the symmetry and the harmony
of life shatters
When hope wears wings
To fly away to distant lands

Born optimists too have to prove that “IT” exists in them
When pessimism haunts with its forceful fists!

Slam “IT”
on the pessimism’s face
Reject the attempt
to trowel a cavity in you
Fish its root out in any case
Flip open the glistened inner “you”
Let all the stirred up emotions
empty their space
And let the soul’s tambourine
Bid the pessimism a grand adieu!

Now, don’t ask me what “IT” is!
You know it’s the brand named “YOU”….

“I’ve come to know that you are attempting that particular competitive exam, all the very best.”
“Hmmm….I don’t expect to succeed in that exam to be honest.”
“There is a lot of competition. All over the state, above a million candidates have applied. So I don’t think I am going to get through that heavy competition.”

“I came to know that you are getting married. Congrats!”
“Hmmm….the girl is not of my type. I don’t think we are going to get along well.”

“Hey! How is your new business going on?”
“It’s not going good. There is a lot of competition in this field. I am thinking of closing it.”

“Why don’t you join a new course to match your current job’s requirement?”
“That isn’t going to help! I am not a young chap to learn things now! I don’t have enough capabilities to cope with the new emerging trend!”

“Hey! It’s your brother’s marriage. Hope this time, all the relatives will meet and sort out the misunderstandings!”
“Hmmm….no! These relatives are not positive! I don’t think they are going to wash out all the past things! I don’t have that patience to plead them all. Forget it!”

These are just few examples we come to hear in our day to day life! You may be the one asking or the one answering. What do you see in all these instances? A negative approach! This is called as PESSIMISM.

Being negative isn’t a way to escape from things! For me, I analyze pessimism as a curse! A deadly curse which can collapse anything in no time!
I’ve seen people who are mostly pessimistic. As there are reasons for being pessimistic, there are on first hand, the situations which a person controls to go pessimistic.
When a person thinks of the difficulties for an action or deed to be performed, he thinks he cannot do it!
When he/she analyzes the situations piling up, he gets frightened and refrains from it.
When he lacks the prime requirements like courage/bravery/planning/executing talent/managing skills/required tools/balancing consequences/ managing relationships etc., he tends to lean on to the weakest wall yet strongest ammunition called pessimism.

Pessimism is a Self-imposed Curse:

• Pessimism is a self imposed curse.

• No one fires our optimism but we ourselves do it.

• It engages people to turn lethargic.

• It changes a person into an escapist.

• Tomorrow or never becomes the mantra of a pessimist.

• It is impossible to do/it is difficult to perform becomes the everyday statement of a pessimist.

• No pain is taken and life becomes miserable as there is no gain in any aspect.

• Society tends to move away from a pessimist.

• Individual development lacks leading to the lack of societal development.

• Pessimism is a bit contagious too….it contaminates the like minded people to create a pessimistic community.
• Pessimists are away from reality.

What to do to come out of it?

• Pessimism is like grease. To smear on mind is easy but difficult to wash it out.

• A hard detergent named determination is what is needed first.

• “I am going to be optimistic.” “I am going to take everything positively.” Are the lines you should keep on saying to yourself?

• Take an instance; think it out like a pessimist. Drop doing it. Then take a small instance like filing all your documents which are thrown like litter on your table. Think it out like an optimist. Set a time to complete it like taking 15 minutes for it. DO IT!! Now, analyze the sense of achievement. Which one gave the spirit of being alive and accomplishment? Certainly it would be the way you acted like an optimist. Practice small deeds (however small they may be, but start with very small deeds) and experience the victory of accomplishing. Now, after a period of time, you’ll recognize yourself to be completely changed)

• Gift yourself with a cup of coffee or enjoying a bit of lethargy. But spring out of that cocoon very soon. Allotting time for everything you do or attempt to do will be a great help.

• Let the battle rage within your mind, between pessimism and optimism. Write out the possibilities on both parts on a paper. Distinguish between both and analyze the results after the accomplishment of small deeds. Consider yourself a winner if the battle is won by optimism.

• Putting up with the aspect of optimism isn’t easy! I do agree. But what about the laurels you win after every accomplishment?

• To maintain consistency, keep the activity part of your life going on. Try to write diary everyday. This will be a measuring scale!

• Ask your friends, family members and relatives to help you.

• Give yourself grades for achievements.

• Experiment with new things, new aspects! Let failure be your part of achievement too….gather more will power to win on the failed part the next time.

• Connect well with the society. Don’t hesitate to take help.

• Choose to perform deeds that will give you fun and fulfill the requirement too.

• Keep yourself excited and enthusiastic.

• Learn new skills and don’t hesitate to grasp new findings.
Wear out pessimism and see what happens!

• Pessimistic people are torn out between two worlds. One would be reality, which they deny to choose and the other would be impossibility, which they perceive to be very true. Try to reverse the concept and see!

• Study the impact of optimism on oneself and on the others too….you’ll see that you are active now! Ready to do anything! This type of attitude brings smiles and satisfaction in your life. Coming to others, you’ll observe that people start respecting you now! They start giving you value…they start asking you for suggestions! The most important thing is that people start TRUSTING you!

I regard myself to be a human being only if I get reverses!

• Getting reverse effects, having pains, watching tragic moments piercing me, losing harmony and balance in life, shedding tears etc., are all very important to me. They give me a feeling that I am living. They keep me engaged in improving myself and my situations. They teach me how to improvise! I better come to know with what metal I am made!

• They keep repeating two age old rules of the evolution again and again in my ears……
“Struggle for existence.”
“Survival of the fittest.”

“My soul has a beautiful tambourine
Its music not only soothes me…
But beats in accordion to my situations…
Bids a grand adieu to pessimism!
Celebrates life…every moment living in optimism!”