Start-up Kip Solutions Advocates for Social Change


Founders: Patrick Ip from University of Chicago; Sonia Chokshi from Tufts University; Kavya Shankar from Harvard University
Year founded: 2011
Location: Modesto, CA

The use of social media for the last few years, especially after the inception of the most popular social network Facebook, has grown tremendously. It has revolutionized the means of communication with people across the world. Several social networks have been evolving with more interacting features to make connection more easy, immediate and lively; Kip Solution is also one of them.

Kip Solutions is founded by three friends from different universities Patrick Ip from University of Chicago, Sonia Chokshi from Tufts University and Kavya Shankar from Harvard University in 2011. They emerged with a new plan to have a global impact. They have partnered with clients from different places across the world.
According to the co-founders, Kip Solutions assists companies in comprehending the best way to use social media and how to affect social causes by taking advantages of the same. Their assistance ranges from gaining new partners to raising funds for different social causes. They have experience working with reputed companies including AMIS-Cameroon, which builds ICT technology to help and support farmers, and Opportunity Collaboration in Mexico, which offers a platform for leaders to work together to abolish poverty from root.

As of now, the company has 12 clients across the world and depending upon the length as well as intensity of the project, they charge between $1,000 and $2,000 per month.

Patrick Ip says, “I think a lot of students have the ability to do great social media, but I think they lack the training to do it in a business-like manner, but in our team we have students coming from community college all the way up to the Ivy League…Everyone on our team makes a difference on a daily basis and cares so much about what we are doing.”

Kip Solutions feels we are already instrumental to the world’s largest movement ever–Social Networking.

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