Success Cannot be Achieved Without Struggle

Image from the movie   The Pursuit of Happyness

Image from the movie The Pursuit of Happyness

Everyday dawns with a lot of hopes and expectations to accomplish something great, significant and appreciable. But do we know in real sense how these expectations come into reality?

Answer: Taking actions according to our expectations and dreams help us achieve our desired goals. Now, if the answer is so certain then why most people avoid taking action and why don’t they end up anywhere near their desire and dreams?

Because, action means struggles, facing challenges and it may produce disappointments and frustrations. But the harsh truth is that opportunities and challenges walk together.

We wish to accomplish success without facing obstacles, but would SUCCESS be so precious and glorious without difficulties or struggles? Difficulties seem to be insurmountable and seemingly impossible when we surrender or bow down to it.
Instead of fearing we should welcome and embrace the challenges that ultimately strengthen our delicate mind, shapes our personality and directs us towards positive light. We are a treasure trove of energy and immense potential that emerge when we encounter difficulties and assist us to overcome them and accomplish the tasks. You need to change the challenges into assignments which in turn blossoms into success and employs your potential to overcome challenges by saying “I have a perennial source of energy which should be employed for my personal development and family and social well being”.

You need to understand that laziness and callous attitude gobble up our potential and inaction breeds negative perception about success and life which resonate throughout our life. There are plenty of example of great people who accomplished everything they desired with patience and perseverance. They chose challenges over comfortable inaction. A vibrant and determined person can face any knotty problem and untie the knot in their favor. A good human being can also be a person of unfathomable potential.

Are patience and ready-to-face-any-challenge attitude enough to plunge into difficulties?

Certainly Not! We need to be updated with knowledge on our respective domain. We should learn from the struggles and difficulties of successful people and their success stories, especially how they prepared themselves and dealt with the challenges. We can skillfully decrease the pain of dealing with challenges by replicating them.

Education endeavors you with wisdom whereas experience showers you with success. Once you successfully handle and overcome first challenge, you become consistent in your effort that produces series of success. For example the reliance group of company was started by Dhirubhai Ambani as a small enterprise. Now, the group rules the corporate world.

How others contribute to our success

Success can’t be achieved alone, every success story comprises of the significant contribution of mentors, well-wishers, family and friends. Even the most successful businessmen, artists or athletes have their team, partners, friends, and family who intensely support them from behind. Remember, others’ huge applause and clapping is also an important contribution which shouldn’t be anyhow ignored. Can you picture yourself to be celebrating your success all alone- nobody around to cheer, clap, shout and celebrate your greatest achievement? Would that success be glorious or precious to you? Their clap or appraisal works as an inspiration that motivates you to continue the journey. How about a critic who dislikes for what you aren’t? Be grateful to all of them.

Our family, friends and near and dear ones are the charming gardeners who double our happiness and make our soul blossom. Ralph Waldo Emerson says it best, “Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your success and advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”