Success Story of Chanda Zaveri: From Fleeing Arranged Marriage at the Age 17 to Becoming Millionaire Entrepreneur

Calcutta girl Chanda Zaveri, who left home at the age of 17 in 1984 to escape her arranged marriage, went on to writing her own success story of becoming a millionaire entrepreneur and innovator. Instead of compromising with the life chosen for her by her parents, she preferred to leave home alone and embrace Life’s challenges head-on. She faced them with extraordinary courage and dedication and returned home after three decades as a millionaire entrepreneur.

Chanda Zaveri left home at the age 17 with nothing except a pair of diamond earrings which she sold to buy tickets of British Airways and landed in Boston to an English couple David and Karen. Zaveri first met Karen in Kolkata on a day when she fell unconscious due to heat and humidity. Zaveri helped her to reach hospital and they became good friends ever since.
After having their assistance in difficult times, she started her own life as a house assistance of a 98-year-old lady Mrs. Leslie who loved her as her very own daughter and humbly gave her $30,000 to pursue her study in Harvard from where she completed the two units which was needed to enable her pursue masters in the US. Soon, she was introduced to David’s father-in-law who brought her to California after adopting her as his daughter.

Zaveri joined the California Institute of Technology where she completed her biochemistry research under the Nobel Prize-winning chemist and Professor Linus Pauling who’d won the Nobel prize for chemistry in 1954 and for peace in 1962. Working with Linus Pauling was her dream which she didn’t want to let. However, when she first approached him, he didn’t have much work available in his lab except for washing petri dishes. The offer she immediately grabbed. Soon her keen interest and perfect observation was noticed by Linus Pauling who agreed to give her hands-on instruction on how to make Peptides and a lot of formulations. Later, he gave her $70,000 with which she started her journey by founding her own company called Activor. Today, according to reports, the company has annual turnover in millions.

The girl who escaped a proposed forced marriage and landed up in the United States a Penniless achieved everything she wanted to through her courage and hardwork. The Success Story of Chanda Zaveri will inspire millions of Indian girls to pursue their dreams and become whatever they want to be.

Info Source: huffingtonpost, Telegraph India

  • David

    Ms Mousumi, the article is based on lies. Please do a background search on this person and you will find 90% of her claims to be false. She never attended any universities like Caltech and Harvard or finished a degree in USA. If you search all the articles or interviewed she has given in last 10 days after it was first published in Telegraph, all accounts are contradicting from number of patent she has, where she got her master degree. Some will suggest, UC santa barbara, other harvard or caltech. I would request you to also check if she has any scientific publications under her name or if some one ever used as reference. This is just a propaganda to legitimize her claims. Please check.

    • Thanks David,

      I wrote about her only after she appeared on some of the world’s leading newspapers including Huffington Post. I’m shocked and surprised to hear the things you just said above. I will try to make some more investigation on the level I can.
      I have previously withdrawn some articles….I’m not here to misguide people in any way.

      • Hi Mousumi,

        There is nothing to regret for such an outstanding article. Though the numbers might be incorrect and anyone’s post life might have taken some twists & turns, which is normal. Overwhelming part is a teen from orthodox society flying alone and establishing an Empire in far east is nothing less than a second life. There is big world out there with anyone seldom can buy a candy and end their life between those walls called society. David may be right, but getting into micro info is not appropriate in this case. As we never know what is the true cause or in a justifiable position as such. I’m sure you will watch a movie soon.

        Please keep up the great work!!!

        • Thank you for your words Suhail,
          Well the most interesting part is that Mr. David has been chasing Chanda every nook and cranny of the Internet 🙂
          I have posted another link above where Chanda Zaveri has been profiled among the board of directors. The issue must be investigated if someone feels she has hid something serious.
          As far as owning patents on Peptides is concerned, I have investigated my my side and found her claims to be true.

          • That is the only fact, that she has a patent which has been using the focal point. I have been chasing with one sole purpose that she donot
            get legitimize. I donot have any personal issues with her but as I know the story isnt true. I decided to chase up the issue. If you need any help with your research, please feel free to email me at dwang87 yahoo

        • I agree with Suhail, that there is no need to regret. As stated in the other comment that my interest is simple i.e not to glorify fake story and legitimize this person. Mr Suhail, this is just an attempt so people don’t fall for her and get duped. Ofcourse, everyone like rags to rich story and if it was a true one, it could have been inspirational.

      • Dear Mousumi,

        My goal is not to spread rumors or tarnish anything that is based on facts. When i read about it, I was shocked as I know her back ground. I request you to simply, google her name “Chanda zaveri” and read the artlcles, and interview she have given in last 3-4 weeks. You will find yourself that there are so many inconsistencies. I chose to write that cause she will be legitimized by all this media exposure. The only fact is that she do have a patent under her name and being used by an indian company for marketing purpose. Points to ponder:
        1) why there is no information available or published about her before these articles.
        2) she claims to have done post graduation from caltech and univeristy of california, please check their alumuni link and you wont find any information about her post graduation.
        3) her research on protein and wound healing, please check any published scientific journals where she have a reference to her work or published anything under her name.
        4) one of her site, claims, she got honorary degree from harvard. this can be easily verified.
        5) All the companies now she is naming has been registered in past 3-4 years with no financial records. All of this can be verified easily.

        She simply do private labeling work where she buys from other private labelling companies and put her name for selling. None of her company ever had a turnover of more than a million dollars.

        • First of all, she doesn’t have just one patent (your claim is false)
          Have a look at the screenshot attached.

          “why there is no information available or published about her before these articles”
          You must use Google….search her name in archive search. Why she did not want to be published before?
          It must have been her choice…Chanda Zaveri isn’t a criminal…Besides, she comes from the United States and not Nigeria.

          • I don’t think she is lying about her academic career. It is crime in the United States…You have prove, go and sue her.

          • Hi, I knew her pretty well as I used to work with her and I don’t need to sue her to prove my point. It is entirely on you to believe her or not. If you can just read her articles, that has been published, from her age, to the institution attended, will raise flags. I am not here to convince you but just to state the fact. Please just check, why she is not mentioning about her company “activor corporation” which was founded in 1998 and declared for bankruptcy just 3-4 yrs back. Exactly, it is a crime in the USA, to lie about credentials. Of course, this is just a start, someone will get to her.

          • Sorry, i could not open the screen shots.

          • Hi Amanda, I was able to check the posting. Please go to the usa patent website and not the google for searching patents. Anyone can file for a patent, there is no set parameters. There is only one patent in her name, patent number 6,767,891, July 27, 2004. uspto is the website for the patents. The story has no facts except this one patent.

    • Hi David,

      Let me tell you something that I found just minutes ago. Type Chanda Zaveri and make patent search here:

      Between 1991 and 2001, she has got over a dozen patents in her name. And most of them are related to Peptides. Other patents include: Peptides with physiological activity,

      Dermatological healing kit, components therefor, and process for making, Peptides with wound healing activity, Methods for treating alopecia, Pcr-based method of synthesizing a nucleic acid molecule, Gene synthesis method

  • David

    Also, Activor, filed for bankruptcy 2-3 years back because of Lawsuit and the turnover never crossed more than 1 million. Please visit the bankruptcy records in USA.

  • Ms. Zaveri received a Masters degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Subsequent graduate studies were undertaken at California Polytechnic University (“Cal Tech”). After working with a major phamaceutical corporation in Southern California, Ms. Zaveri chose to pursue her own scientific visions as an entrepreneur.


  • Truly inspirational…!!!

  • Lynette Henk

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