Success Story of Shama Kabani: A Social Media Millionaire

Shama Kabani, whilst studying at the University of Texas, wrote her thesis on Twitter. It was back in 2006 when Twitter barely had about 2000 users. Needless to say, she could envision the potential of social media and knew that she would end up making it big someday.

Today, Shama is a familiar name in social sphere. She is the founder and CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, and seen as the face of modern digital world and addresses several social media seminars and gatherings. She was born in Goa, one of of the smallest southern states of India, and was raised in Bangalore till the age of nine when her parents moved to the USA. On completion of her graduation from R.L. Turner High School and Masters in Organizational Communication from The University of Texas in 2008, she started a global web marketing agency named The Marketing Zen Group in 2009, which was previously known as ‘Click To Client’. She founded it with a humble investment of $1500 and in less than a year, it was making six figure income. Today, she has hundreds of clients receiving services that include social media marketing, search engine optimization, social analytics and web development services. She is the author of the book The Zen of Social Media Marketing which was published in 2010.

Shama has been honored with several titles and awards: In 2009, she was among one of the Top 25 Under 25 Entrepreneurs in North America; she received ‘The Tech Titan Award’ for Best Emerging Company CEO. Moreover, she has been written in several respected magazines including Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times; and has appeared on CBS, Fox News, CW 33, Good Morning Texas, and MSNBC., a top resource for entrepreneurs. In 2010, she appeared on the cover of Online Strategies Magazine and on the Color Magazine in Dec, 2011.

“A college degree does not guarantee success. Young entrepreneurs have to create their own opportunities. The economy needs fresh blood and bold new ideas.” Shama Kabani

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