Sukhinder Singh Cassidy: Founder of JOYUS, a Video-based eCommerce Site

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Google’s former Vice President for Asia-Pacific & Latin America Operations, founded JOYUS in January 2011. It’s a video-based eCommerce site that enables its customers to buy and explore beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products.
After gaining 18 years of experience as an Internet and media executive at various reputed companies such as Google, Amazon, Yodlee, News Corporation, and Accel Partners, Sukhinder finally moved for her own start-up JOYUS which she started with an estimated fund of $7.9 million. She has also served as the CEO of a fashion social-commerce website Polyvore. According to Sukhinder, JOYUS wasn’t the result of an overnight plan. It evolved in course of three years of extensive research whilst still working on various positions in companies such as J.Crew, Polyvore and Accel Partners.

Each week, JOYUS comes up with some new videos showing new and special apparel, beauty and lifestyle products, also showing how they work and look. Users can share the videos on all major social channels and buy the products through its ‘exclusive video sales platform’.
In 2008, Fortune Magazine enlisted Sukhinder as one of the “50 Most Powerful Women” in the world.

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