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3.Voyage of Success_Post Production

Voyage of Success: Post Production

Continued from…Voyage of Success: In Production 1) The resistance: Now that the distance between success and you is minimal, you are thinking about your journey: “Why did it appear an uphill task back then?” The answer manifests: “It was all about the …
Why should you fail

Why Should You Fail??

Failure has always been a great learner or is it, failure is the steepest stone of a great learner!!! ‘Whatever the case may be, the truth shall prevail’, that’s an old saying conveying the biggest lesson one can ever learn. Sometimes struggles …
Mighty Tree

Complaint Has Its Cost

Once, in the deepest wood, there stood a mighty tree spreading his branches high towards the essence and ecstasy of life. The tree had a considerably small neighbor who was not happy with his indifference which would instill a feeling of insignificant …