The 12 Forever Young Wise Pieces of Life Advice one should Know

Life Advice

Successful people always pick up lessons from their own mistakes and from others to ensure they don’t waste their time and energy making the same mistakes over and over again. So Learn to profit yourself by others’ experience and make the best use of your every effort. Here are some great pieces of Life Advice for leading the life the way you desire and deserve.

1. Say ‘YES’ to life, to new things, to change, to walking on anonymous road, to meeting new people, and to learning and creating something out of nothing. ‘YES’ is more than just a word or sound. It holds a strong sense to make you prepare yourself for better choices, get things started and stay consistent in favor of yourself.

2. Cut out the ‘BUT’, ‘CAN’T’, ‘TRY’, ‘HARD’ ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ and ‘SHOULD/COULD HAVE’ vocabularies from your conversation because the universe aligns itself to what you think and speak and your words create a story for you. The moment you say ‘BUT’ or any other words of negative or self-limiting connotation, you immediately throw yourself in the depth of impossibility and extreme negative circumstances that set up guaranteed failure for you.

3. You never get things until you ask for and when you don’t get them, the feeling of deprivation, frustration, disappointments, and scarcity overwhelms you that ultimately leads you to nothing but resentment. Regard and respect your feelings and demands.

4. The universe has the answer of your question, provided you are courageous enough to listen to it without losing temper and self-confidence – So be a good listener. Learn to listen with the intent to understand the content that helps you to refine and reframe your thoughts but never listen to anybody with the intent to reply immediately because in haste the string of significant words get lost and you end up being at war with yourself.

5. Tell yourself ‘I can do anything I set my mind to’. Repeat it so often that your mind body and soul get used to it and stop hearing otherwise. Soon you will appreciate and feel thankful to those words in the transformation of your life.

6. Take risks (calculated and not thoughtless) as often you can. If you do what you usually do then you will settle for the ordinary stuffs that you always get.

7. Work hard to build your own dream. If you don’t, you’ll end up building someone else’s dreams. Your dreams are the blueprint of your definitive accomplishment and when you don’t believe in your dreams, and stop striving for them with complete determination and dedication, there are plenty of dreamers who will appoint you to construct their dreams with the best use of your spirit, hard work and energy.

8. Go slow but be steady. If your legs are programmed to trot briskly, force yourself to take small steps and walk leisurely in the right direction. It is always better to walk slowly than to stumble backward with a great leap. When you slow yourself down, you have time to think, judge and plan better and encompass more than you think of.

9. Consider quality over quantity. At the end of the day it’s not the residue of our exhaustion that matters but the best effort. Real world challenges have got nothing to do with how many degrees and certificates you have.

10. Regardless of what people think, don’t compromise with the privilege of owing yourself, don’t make anybody’s quotation your passion, don’t be the prisoner of others’ opinion and don’t let anybody decide who you are or who you should be. Your dignity and self-worth is determined none but by you.

11. Time is more than money. When you have time you can make money; on the contrary, though it’s good to be blessed with more money but that can never buy time. Ensure you haven’t lost anything precious that money can’t buy.

12. You can’t govern the events happening to you but you can truly govern your reaction and responses towards them. Your life is what you decide it to be. There is nobody to blame or no one to rely on to, no confession or justification. The gift is yours.

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