The Journey to Reinvention — Part 1

Journey to Reinvention

If you’re anything like me, you can look around and see things for which you are very grateful. I have a job. I have a home. I have loving relationships with family and friends. Why am I dissatisfied? Why is this not enough?

I think the reason is that this life is not authentically mine.

I didn’t plan this. Somewhere, things took a wrong turn. My job is my main problem; yours may be in another area of your life, but the fact is that something doesn’t fit.

That’s where the reinvention comes in. I can’t accept that we have to live stuck in our respective ruts—that this uncomfortable situation is all there is. I believe we can move toward perfection, that perfect life of which we dream. You don’t think we can’t have perfection? Maybe not, but we can get close.

Reinvention doesn’t happen overnight. Just think of how long it took us to get where we are now. There are steps to be taken, lists to be made, research to be done, ideas to be examined and plans to be changed.

Our first step is Visioning. Sounds easy, right? See yourself as you want to be. Now, for some, the Vision is no big deal. You KNOW what you want and there’s no question about it.
Fine, sit down and write it out. Yes, write it. Don’t enter it into your iPad or type it on your computer or record it with your phone. Take a pen to paper and write it down. The act of committing in this way is visceral; it is significant. Great documents that have changed the world were written by hand and signed. That’s the effect we’re going for here and remember; I’m doing this along with you.

Define your ideal life in one or two sentences.

Now for step two and you’ve heard this before: describe your perfect day. All of the experts (I do NOT claim to be one) insist that this is a non-negotiable and essential step on the reinvention journey. As I have not figured this perfect life out on my own, I’m going to trust in the accepted process.

If, however, you are truly my Kin in Confusion, you don’t have a clue. I don’t know what kind of work would fit the bill. I’ve been working at this and that for a long time and neither this nor that has elevated me to Perfect Life status. Personally, I seem to have taken so many wrong roads that I’m almost afraid to keep driving. But, before I ditch my car—and this metaphor—I’m willing to give it one more go.
So, here we are with a homework assignment.
1. Envision your Best Life and write it in one or two sentences.
2. Write down your Perfect Day.

I hope you will join me on this journey. All you’re risking is a little time and, perhaps, a handwriting cramp. And we’ve got so much to gain.

Image Courtesy: Mike Baird