The Power of Optimistic Thinking

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If you have a personal wish and will to achieve something moderate, modest and great, you should always posses a ‘can-do’ attitude. In success, what really matters is a right goal and a positive thinking and approach, combined with courage and nerve to put our plans and programs into action.

You may have encountered some failures despite your best efforts. Yet, you should never allow your past experiences impede your march towards success. It is absolutely necessary to raise your vision from the hurts and wounds of the past and present. You should focus on what positive initiative you could implement for achieving the target goal and should always wear a golden rule in your mind that your plan and effort should be positive and you must try to stay at least one step ahead of others in your field.

You need to understand that what seems a loss now, may be to your advantage in the long run. Maybe, it will consume some of your precious time, materials and energy, but in the end you will stand to gain substantially in experience and self-understanding and perhaps self-appreciation. If you feel that someone has failed you in his commitment to you, with your positive attitude and approach, you will be able to turn the tables on the same person who has outwitted and outsmarted you.
Definitely you will see a reformed and refined personality. And you are bound to foray into an upswing mode. You can collect and amass the better past actions in your memory with which you can reap beneficial results in future. If you face any knotty problem with a positive bent of mind and try to decipher the heart of the problem. Do not act harshly and rashly under any circumstance or situation. A positive person or an optimist cannot be resentful. The positive thinking always results in positive dividends Mulling over the bitter past. You should console yourself with the golden words “let bygones be bygones, future is bound to be brightened”.

You should march forward with a strong conviction that plenty of new and fresh opportunities await you. If you encounter small hiccups in you Endeavour, make fresh start with an added vigor. It is important to note that after facing a failure, you should analyze the connection between a possibility and practicality (actuality). You won’t achieve anything you have not labored for. So, your means should always meet your ends. There should be a perfect match between the both. If you feel that you have accomplished something small or big with your positive attitude and approach, give yourself a pat on the back. You cannot always expect the world to recognize your feats. But, surely an opportune moment will come, at that time; the whole world will praise you for your positive thinking and positive results. Such commendation will fortify your optimism.

I would like to quote the life of the Moon Man Buzz Aldrin who landed on the Moon just two minutes after Neil Armstrong set his feet on the moon in 1969. He has been able to maintain a positive mind all through his life. He had declared that he never felt perturbed when people dubbed him No.2 i.e. the second man on the Moon. He convinced them that since there was no No.3, I am happy to be No.2 man on the Moon he answered the question positively. This is the power of positive thinking. He magnanimously and positively admitted that No.2 man on the Moon does not degrade him in any way. The American hero wants to bring the English speaking countries together to improve efforts on space exploration. Aldrin positively believes that U.S and India can co-operate on solar dynamics an experiment on energy conservation.

Any positive thinker should understand that all human beings are equal. We just differ from each other for our strengths and weaknesses. And we must acknowledge it and and our best to serve each other. Any endeavor executed with the positive frame of mind will end up in success. Positive minds can move mighty mountains!
So let’s stay positive in our attitude and approach and make this planet the happiest and brightest place for us all.