The Road to Success

The word ‘success’ is the sweetest word among the millions of words in any language. To be successful, you should have a penchant for loving and relishing the prospects of life. To be a successful person, you should look inward and have the ability to weigh many uncertainties and mysteries of life. You should realize that your success is absolutely based on your ability and perseverance.

At times, you might come under presence because of your boss, your life situation or adversities. But you should learn to stay poised and yet act fast and smart. Your action should be a timely one and result oriented. You need to realize that a mistimed action always boomerangs on you. For instance, if you open an ice-cream shop during the peak winter season, your business would flounder. If you are smart enough to start a tea shop or a bakery, during the winter season, it would be a wise decision and you can do a successful business. You should be able to lure new customers and make them loyal to you with your good quality fares and service. In the long run, you would flourish into a successful bakery.

For attaining success, a profound desire to achieve is a must. Saint poet Thiruvalluvar exhorts, “think high and work towards the achievement of you goal.” A noble desire will become a very prominent motivation. Swami Vivekananda called upon the youth like this “Awake, Arise and stop not till you reach your goal”. If you aim high for success, bear these golden words in your mind. If you become a successful person, you will be able to live a life that is more fulfilling and complete. If you think that you have a unique creative skill, you should expand your skills. With the innate ability and acquired skills, certainty you can reach the moon (a great success). If you have acquired more skills, why don’t you show the world what you are made of? Instant success does not last long. Its pleasure is momentary.
After tasting small success, you should aim for a magnificent success! A successful person does not stagnate. Had the Ambanis satisfied with their earlier success in business, they would not have been able to touch the skies. Small successes spurred them further, so in the long run; they could become numbers Uno among corporate India.

When a challenging task is assigned to you, if you feel that you are capable of accomplishing it successfully, accept the responsibility. And showcase your capability and powers by successfully achieving it. Then you will be able to pin down the world who’d once taken you for granted. Your success will teach the world that you are always a force to reckon with.
If you are put in an intricate situation, try to unleash your innate efforts to get rid of the predicament and move on, march fast. The world will recognize you. In case, you are unable to see the problem through other people’s eye; enlist the counsels of other successful people. Opportunity for growth and progress frequently pass you by, but you should learn to grab them strongly and convert them to grand success. If you consider that if a job is worth doing, do it yourself. Do adopt the policy of trial and error. Ultimately you will achieve success.
If you are a person with a creative bent of mind for success, ramp up your efforts and get things done smartly. Do adopt the strategy of maximum efforts and strive for maximum yield. For that you need to think out of the box and broaden your horizon. You would just go for sheer pleasure and self indulgence.
Be generous. Your generosity will serve as a balm to overcome your fatigue during course of your success. To emerge a success, do your best always. Perhaps huge fortunes amassed through successful ventures would bring material satisfaction. As a successful man, like Bill Gates, the CEO of Microsoft, you should have charity and philanthropy in your mind and action. Sharing success will fetch you immense pleasure.

Let us strive to be successful in our life. Let us share our success with other ‘Have-Nots’ of this planet and strive to make this world an equitable and the best planet to live in!