The Three R’s of Success: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

“I am the captain of my own ship and master of my own fate” – Dr. Ivan Joseph

Consistency and repetition create accountability. They are the fundamental building blocks for any successful learning and training process. They make you relevant and bear your message and therefore are the key to self-confidence, acting as catalyst that stirs an initiative to triumphant end. Repetition is a set-time to track down your improvement and initiates you to be responsible for your better deliverance and goals. Nobody has ever accomplished something big with speed, agility or strength without repetition or maintaining consistency in hard work and that’s what Athletic Director of the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University Dr. Ivan Joseph, who is responsible developing strategies and leadership, discovers in his TEDx Talk. Throughout his career, he has assisted several candidates to transform their negative self talk into self-affirmative talk and develop self-confidence.

Dr. Ivan Joseph holds a BA in Physical Education and Health, an MS in Higher Education Administration, a PhD in Sports Psychology, an ‘A’ coaching license from the United States Soccer Federation and an Advanced National Coaching Diploma from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.
Watch his life-changing speech at TEDx-Ryerson