Time For A Break

Time to take a break

Hold on for a second. Are you tripping on the wrong skateboard? Just have a look downwards. Turn out what is troubling inside. Perhaps you need a break.
Did you ever feel that you just ducked your head under the mud and kept assuming life too dirty and sticky? Soar truths of self, need to be addressed.
You are not alone in this crisis. Every now and then, we duck our heads in mud.
Perhaps, human nature is like that!
This is the reason why we look for motivational snippets now and then!
May it be an article or a film…
May it be an advice or a discussion…
We sort out things burning inside with some or the other panacea.
Aspects, which trigger the occupation, can be categorized into different types.
However, we do not tend to categorize. We tend to complicate things.
This melancholy shuffles the inner stamina and pulls it down.
Now, what is the remedy for such a still pool?
I would suggest….
Take a break!!!

Insatiable covert
We boast around saying that we are too stable. We do not need an internal brushing up activity. We are all OK! Soul is always an insatiable covert. It needs many nutrients but still acts as if it is well nourished for lifetime. How many of us recognize this very own subject of need?

Measure the intensity
Problems can be solved. The eternal truth that every lock has a key and every problem has a solution stands stern. This absolute truth takes the form of a deed only when the brain is in its original stands.
We do not always recognize the dislocation of thoughts and brain waves until a failure greets us with its villainy laugh.
There, you get either yourself down or try to elevate yourself from the situation. However, did you ever measure the intensity of the problem? Did you ever measure the intensity of the damage caused to the thinking tank?

Mixed results
Sometimes it is worth weighing the thinking tank by its virtues and failures. The origin of failure is linked to the result obtained off late.
What to do to analyze the mixed results?

Dwindling numbers
A cent percent ability carrier, called your life suddenly or slowly starts dwindling. You realize it or not but when it approaches the base line of zero, the intensity of the problem is diagnosed.

Statistics of the body and mind
I trust in the statistics of the body and mind. The graph drawn on a thought will let you know the real statistics of them.

Are you boasting about your ancient success?
Then, you need to look into yourself. Are you boasting about your success stories you achieved long back? Pat your shoulder once but rethink. Where is the contemporary “YOU” and your contemporary success?
Something is wrong then!

Survival is your choice
Nag it or drag it…
Sweep it or brag it…
Walk confident with it or make it feel proud of you
Survival is your choice!

Open the book named “YOU”
It might sound funny. However, sit back and think.
Assume yourself a book. Did you ever try to read “YOU”?
Are you aware of every chapter related to you and your life?
An extensive reader finds it easy to write.
An extensive observer finds it easy to solve problems.

Trafficking of commotions
You might have experienced this in your life. Your commotions might take root in the brain but they are trafficked from one system to the other and finally affect the living.
I am sure you are nodding your head by now in agreement. So, how can we control this trafficking? The innumerable moments that go by without asking our permission leave a mark behind to let us know the eternal truth that “we reap what we sow”

Time for a break!
Yes! Time for a break! Put a stopper on the occupation. Let the daily life go on. However, plan it for a break. Leaving aside all the work and just living life of a sloth does not refer to taking break. Taking a break should have a purpose to be fulfilled.

Before giving a break, we should know for what we are taking a break!

To take rest
Take physical as well as mental rest for a while. Rejuvenate the system with some silence and introspection.

To concentrate
Concentrate on your abilities and plan on activities, which can lessen your drawbacks. Concentrate on the inner senses and try to listen to what they have to say!

To recuperate
Recuperate from the lashes you faced. Feed the nutritious food the brain needs. Learn from the lessons taught.

To spend time with yourself
This is what many of us neglect. Spending time with self is quite necessary.

To analyze
Analyze the life and its activities until now. Write the positive and negative points on your diary. Analyze everything and write down what you did and what you might have done. Imagine the situation in both cases. You will get a clear picture of your future too.

To manufacture new tools
Our existing tools fade away in their capabilities running in accordion with the changing times. These changes need new tools in action. Manufacture them! In addition, yes! Trust me! You are sure to manufacture great missiles!

To mark it as a legendary break, that turned you more efficient.

Independent flow of thoughts is natural. There are no constraints when you take a break. There are no compulsions. You are your own. The serenity you create in the surrounding atmosphere during this period acts as a catalyst to enhance your flow of thoughts. Keep a jotting pad and note down whatever you feel like and whenever you feel like jotting down. Let them be insane but remember that they are coming from the most precious natural flow media called the solitude.

Let this break glue every broken piece!
Let it stick new wings to fly!
Let it germinate into eternal peace!
Let this break take you to the highest sky!