Track Your Belongings With Tile: World’s Most Innovative Lost and Found Gadget

The distinctive tiny, square waterproof, gadget Tile can stick to your important stuffs that you always fear of losing – keys, phones, laptops, purses, baggage, briefcase, bikes, pets, kids’ toys – and help you keep track of them and find on their unexpectedly disappearance by indicating their location from up to 150 feet away. The Tile’s signal range can increase or decrease depending on how far you are from the Tiled object, you can also activate a sound setting to the Tile to ring and indicates its whereabouts by sound instead of location if they are lost in the house. On one account, one can have up to ten Tiles to find out the misplaced items with the Tile app.

Tile users can open a Cloud account to log on and activate a Tile search from anyone’s phone or laptops and one wouldn’t be able to find your missing stuff if you haven’t shared with them.

Tile features:

It works fine with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, 3rd and 4th generation iPad, and 5th generation iPod Touch. It has built-in speaker so you can set sound system to hear missing stuff’s location indication from close range. It also doesn’t need to be recharged or replaced. Another interesting fact is that Tile app can save the last GPS location where it was found; therefore, you can quickly track it right where you’d left it.

Info Source: thetileapp