Unbroken is a World War II survival story, emancipation and resilience by Laura Hillenbrand. It vibrantly describes a man’s extreme journey and explores the elasticity of human mind, soul and body. Within its 500 pages it has covered almost every crucial aspects of human life starting from poverty, hunger, crime, Japanese cruelty, attacks, sports, ancient religion and salvation.
Laura Hillenbrand has channeled the story through the life of Louis Zamperini, the son of Italian immigrant parents in Torrance, California, who was born in 1917. Louis Zamperini, a wild boy at the naughtiest phase of life who is hardly found focused on any activity. His tough life started at his early 14 and he faced his toughest 47 days after a plane crash. He drifted 2,000 miles on a leaky life raft, fought off sharks and survived Japanese air attacks.