Vishalini, the World’s Youngest MCP and CCNA

World Record by Eleven-year-old Indian girl who has exceptionally highest IQ in the world

The Sunday Indian

Born in Thirunelveli, a small city of Tamil Nadu, to an electrician father, Vishalini is no different than other children of her age who love watching cartons, riding bicycle and playing games; however, her IQ and intelligence is not of an average 11-year-old girl. She is a child prodigy blessed with exceptional computer and analytical skills. According to reports, her IQ stands at 225, which is considerably higher than the previous Guinness of world record holder, Kim Ung-Yong, whose IQ is approximately 210. Her wonderful accomplishments include the Microsoft Certified Professional and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). By scoring 90 % in CCNA, Vishalini has broken the record of a Pakistani girl Arfa Karim Randhawa (At the age 9,she was the youngest MCP). Unfortunately, Arfa succumbed to a cardiac arrest on 14th of January last month; she was only 16.

Recently, she participated at an international seminar which was held at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Mangalore, where she was invited as a guest speaker. It wasn’t the first time Vishalini addressed a strong tech gathering; several such offers and honors have become a part of her daily routine. She lectures engineering students about the Technical fundamentals and computer intricacies.

According to her family, she had speech impairment in the early childhood that caused a great concern of her family, her mother Mrs. Sethurakamalika says that “despite her blessed intelligence, Vishalini struggled to talk at her younger age and as per the consultancy given by a doctor, we interacted regularly with her and we could see some positive results in six months.”

Today, Vishalini deserves more exposure and support which should come from beyond the government of Tamil Nadu and a couple of engineering colleges; her talent must be recognized and appreciated by the central government as well as every citizen of India. She is not only a bright star of her family but also a gem for the whole country. “Hats off to Vishalinin!”

Update: Eight-year-old Pakistani Boy Shafay Thobani is now the World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. Click HERE to read the story.

  • rashid

    dear admin! who was Iridisa Haider… for ur kind information pakitani youngest MCP was ifrah. do research before you post any thing…here is the link u want to knw about smthing…kareem….

    • Mousumi Kumar

      Hi Rashid!
      I’m so thankful to you for pointing out the mistake. I have rectified it. She truly was the Jasmine of Pakistan . May God rest her soul in peace and paradise!

      • Ramesh

        In fact, Lavinashree became the youngest MCP in the world at the age of eight – in 2008 – with a first class score of 842 out of 1000. Arfa held that record between 2004 to 2008.

        In 2010, Lavinashree also became the world’s youngest Red Hat Certified Engineer. Search the following on net to confirm about the record:

        1) ‘President springs a surprise on Lavinashree – The Hindu’

        2) ‘Lavinashree has registered her mark Deccan Chronicle’

        • Thanks for broadening our horizon, Ramesh!

          We will look into it and dedicate an article to her 🙂

  • OnlyTruth

    Arifa Karim did was the youngest MCP at the age of 9 (NOT 12).

    Record is still with her. Vishalini is genius but playing with the figures will not increase our stature! I have seen this manipulation in many forums!

    • Mousumi Kumar

      Afra was the youngest MCP that is what we all know. But did she also clear CCNA?
      I will appreciate if you help me with some source of information.
      We are committed to publishing the error free information.

  • NMSundaram


  • snehashish

    Great achievement but here I want to correct one thing that IQ of 225 is very hard or nearly impossible to achieve. Also high IQ doesn’t mean high intelligence. Absorbing plain information is different from creativity. In her case she has excellent memory and nothing more. More prodigies come and go everyday but they contribute less.
    Thank you.

  • snehashish

    Also which type of IQ test did she take? Nowadays IQ test are not reliable. I bet she won’t be able to score above 130 if tested with modern tests like Wechsler Intelligence Scale, Stanford-Binet tests.
    thank you.

    • Sivaganesh

      without knowing much about her, don’t under-estimate her

      • snehashish

        Your sheer ignorance is making me laugh. As someone has pointed out this is indeed a scam. Why is she not a member of Mensa if she has such an “exceptional” I.Q. Without knowing much about her, don’t overestimate her.

  • Anon

    Hard to believe about 225 Iq. What are Vishalini’s verbal,non verbal iq scores. Has she taken weschler or stanford Binet ? Has the claims been verified by any independent psychologist other than her old dr? Seems like a well engineered scam. May be she is smart kid and did do the certifications. But the claim of highest iq in the world is hard to digest without sufficient substantiation including the scores for her subtests in the iq test. Why is she not member of Mensa if she has that high iq? She will need to qualify in the Mensa test that’s why. Or she will need a proper iq test not some indianized version.

    • Hi Anon!

      I understand your concern. But let me tell you a thing about Indians: They are stupid people who don’t know how to sell their skills to media. Before making any comment on Vishalini, you mustn’t forget the background she comes from. She isn’t the daughter of a celebrity or a millionaire businessman.
      A girl of her age clearing MCP and CCNA (considering she has achieved without much help) is quite likely to have an exceptional IQ. I do not understand a valid reason of your hue and cry.

      • Anon

        Indians are not stupid people.sorry you have such a misconception. Infact according to a article in Forbes ( Indians have average Iq of 112. And what gave you the idea vishalini comes from poor background. Her mother is an anchor at All India Radio,India’s primary radio station. You don’t have to be a millionaire to take proper Iq test. She must be gifted…but the claim of having world’s highest Iq is hard to believe without proof. Btw Iam Indian myself and would love to see my country people shine and come up in all fields. I don’t support false claims!!!!

      • Mohit

        Please quote genuine sources regarding your words that she had cleared MCP & CCNA exams?

      • Mohit

        Please quote geunine sources regarding your words that she had cleared MCP & CCNA exams!

        There’s no source of genuine information apart from the useless blogs & Youtube videos! These are called opinions & not the genuine source!

    • Anon!

      I did not know I offended you with my words. Well, I never meant to say what you felt!
      You may contact Vishalini’s sponsors and ask them to take her to
      It’s in the beautiful city of Pune. I have been there for life coaching at Osho’s centre.

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  • Praveen

    Nice article….

  • Mohit

    It’s fake information about this girl. Please quote proper & genuine sources from national level trusted newspaper/magazine/TV Channel!

    I am talking about her IQ level! 225 is not possible.
    Regarding CCNA exams, there’s no proof regarding the same. It’s just a myth!

    If anyone wants to reply to my comment in favor of this girl, please quote a genuine source from national level newspaper, magazine or News channel.

    Don’t post links from useless YouTube videos or blogs or her so called official website. They are not called genuine source but rather opinion! If she had done such sort of job, she must become popular in the country; must be the face of Indian media!
    At least, few newspaper/channels/magazine must have her coverage regarding her intelligence!
    I don’t know from where these things had started but I guess that death of that Pakistani girl made some people design such sort of stories about Indian girl!

    • snehashish

      My point exactly!

  • T Prakash

    Hi Mohit!

    I guess are a non south Indian and could not see the news and the phenomena that she had created back in 2011.
    See this Youtube video and look at the media channels:

    If she was not telecast on the Times Now or other national channels, that doesn’t mean she is a hoax.

    Did you notice, one of the comments has come from Vishalini herself. Why are you hammering this little girl?
    I have personally met her and seen her speaking at HCL technologies’ small seminar. I just noticed that she was featured by one of leading North Indian Daily (the largest Hindi Newspaper), Dainik Bhashkar:

    She was featured on several South Indian Daily including, The Hindu and Sunday Indian. Now don’t be s lazy and keep your research. If you really are hurt in any way, then contact the girl and her parents…Enough is enough!

  • Santhosh

    These north Indians dont like any south Indians showing their intelligence and getting famous …!
    @ Anon she has showed all her certifications in her website and publicly..

  • Anon Look at the records of this kid. When most students his age are in college, S Chandrasekar has won a gold medal in Computer Science at IIT Madras. At 17, he is the youngest Indian to have aced Masters in Technology with a CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 9.85 on a scale of 10.

    Take a quick look at his curriculum vitae and you would think that Sekar — as he is addressed by his friends, family and peers — was always destined to achieve this feat.

    At 9 he became the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, MCP. At 10, he was the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, MCSE. The very next year he had the distinction of becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate, CCNA.

    By 2002 Sekar had decided to go for an engineering course. However, he was only eleven then — he was born on September 25, 1990 — and children that age are hardly considered as engineering prospects. It was the vice-chancellor of Anna University, Dr Balaguruswamy, who decided to set up a six-member committee to appraise Sekar’s talents. No marks for guessing what happened then for Sekar’s genius won the day and he was soon admitted to an under graduate course in Computer Science.

    In July 2006 he found himself doing his MTech in Computer Science at IIT Madras after he scored 99.32 percentile in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, a prerequisite for getting admission into IITs post graduate courses.

  • Anon

    Guinness book of world records stopped recording iq in 1990 s since it is an inexact science.when Mary vos savant took Stanford Binet test at age 10 she was supposed to have gotten all correct and hit the ceiling in the adult Stanford Binet test.

    It is generally acknowledged Mary vos Savant has an extremely high intelligence quotient (IQ) score, and she has held memberships with the high-IQ societies, Mensa International and the Prometheus Society.[5] But there is much confusion over the actual value, with data and calculations variously yielding 167+, 186, 218, 228, and 230. Extremely high IQ measurement is an inexact science: high IQs are very difficult to quantify because so few people have IQs at that level, giving rise to the problems associated with small sample sizes, ceiling bumping caused by tests not designed to measure such high IQs, and fat tailing which gives the impression more high IQs exist than predicted by a normal distribution. Moreover, there are general disagreements and controversies over the validity of IQ scoring at any level.

    Mary vos Savant was listed in each edition of the Guinness Book of World Records from 1986 to 1989 as having the “Highest IQ.” Because subsequent editions have omitted the category, her column now reports her listing in “Guinness Hall of Fame.” Guinness cites Vos Savant’s performance on two intelligence tests: the Stanford-Binet and the Mega Test. She was administered the 1937 Stanford-Binet, Second Edition test ten,[2] which obtained ratio IQ scores by dividing the subject’s mental age as assessed by the test by chronological age, then multiplying the quotient by 100. Vos Savant says her first test was in September 1956, and measured her ceiling mental age at 22 years and 10 months (22-10+), yielding an IQ of 228. This is the score listed by Guinness and in her books’ “about the author” sections, and it is the one she gives in interviews. Sometimes, a rounded value of 230 appears due to the correct use of significant figures.

    I wish Visalini all the best and hope she knows she can achieve a lot of things in the world with her superior intelligence without making false claims.

    I would also recommend Davidson gifted scholarship for her advancement.

    @ Santosh being south Indian or not has nothing to do with being skeptical. If you check YouTube or google you will find so many kids have posted their mcp,ccna certificates etc.

  • Snehashish

    Wow!! Why are all the comments deleted?

    • All comments are still with us on hard drive. The problem started when we switched to a new comment system called DISQUS, all old comments are not uploading 🙁
      Looking around for help!

    • Abi

      You are a fool & jelous. So you cant beat Visalini anymore,,,,

  • torra wil

    Can pass any exam with the help of dumps!!

  • Snehashish

    Yes, she has the highest FQ in the world => Fraud Quotient!

    • Amar Joshi

      you are right ! These type of fraudsters make standard of education down ? This is sheer mistake of their greedy parents only. Why ? what’s the hurry in making your child famous ? what you are going to get out of this rat race ? This will only build pressure on your child and when they will fail to deliver it they may take extreme steps which we see in our everyday life .. Please be aware !

      • Abi

        What is the problem of Snehashish & Amar Joshi ? becuase of jelous you people are making such cheap comments about Vishalini, the really blessed child by God. Visalini does not get any pressure from her parents. Its not a burden for her brain to solve any issues in computer/ mathematics because her brain is not like you people. Ok?

  • Mo


  • Ipsol

    nice to see you and your MCP and CCNA. looking you I also would like to learn for the same.


    Hardware and Networking

  • kvrao

    We r proud of you
    Kvrao vizag

  • ganji teja

    you are inspring and u r my rolemodel………