Walk Lola Walk!

Walking in the Morning

Here I was, lazying around on a Saturday evening, surfing the TV channels. One of the movies that was being played was RUN LOLA RUN where the protagonist is seen running in the entire movie. I let my imagination run wild and wondered what if the movie had been WALK LOLA WALK. The next thought that came to my mind was why would anyone walk in the entire movie. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was searching the internet to find out the benefits of walking.
I must admit that what I found out completely changed my views about walking. It is said that half an hour of walking everyday can actually do great wonders for your health.This simplest of exercise has a whole host of benefits. Here are a few of them-

• Relaxes your muscles and improves co-ordination between the left & right parts of your body

• Strengthens your immune system

• Strengthens your back muscles & bones

• Effective in dealing with diabetes & blood pressure

• Promotes healthier skin due to increased circulation

• Improves mental alertness & memory

• Acts as a great stress buster

• If done at the right time and at the right way, it helps in shedding those extra calories

• Walking is an important way of connecting with nature

• It is proved that taking a small break during office hours and going for a walk in the sunlight actually has the impact of lifting your moods and relaxing your mind. This short crisp walk during office hours can enhance your productivity levels

Unfortunately our sedentary lifestyle & mindset has made us completely averse to walking. Add to that the ease of transportation like bikes & cars and it compounds the problems further.
Like others I too had the inertia to go for a walk. I solved this problem by initially going for a 5 mins walk. Once my body & mind came over the resistance to walking, I gradually increased the duration over the next few days.

Here are a few ways you could use to get you used to this wonderful idea.

• Firstly you need to change your mind set to think of walking as an exercise. Think of it as something that is crucial like eating or sleeping.

• Avoid vehicles and prefer to walk when you have to run errands or do short distance trips

• Get off the bus a few stops before your destination

• Walk the kids to school

• After dinner rather than watching TV, go for a small walk with your friends or family.

Start walking and experience for yourself the great physical and mental benefits it endows!

Image Courtesy: www.cardiotrek.ca/