Why Early Risers Rock The World

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Ben Franklin

Early Riser

How your whole day would be like if the clam, quiet and graceful hours only with gentle chirping of birds, the fragrance of vernal grass in the peaceful breeze accompanying orange haze on the horizon of the perpetual blue sky send you a cheerful invitation for joining in the morning and welcome with the showers of sweetness in the whole atmosphere?

Wouldn’t it be exceedingly motivational and marvelous to say goodbye to ‘the bed of sloth’ to catch ‘the vigorous morning’ every day? The habit of getting up in the morning hour silently instills the eternal energy in you and ignites a flame of desire, brings charm, blessedness and hope and prepares you to fight for something much more significant than your personal interests and ordinary goals.

There is a whole host of reasons to get up in the early morning – it’s like leaving the night’s gray and cloudy sheath and feeling the morning cheerfulness passing through while freshening up your mind body and soul; vanquishing all the night’s vagueness for being the crystal close of the clarity and truthfulness; letting the tender sunbeam twinkling through the shutter of sleeper’s eye; nurturing a quiet conscience to instigate a jovial mind for active habits; and feeling preciously privileged for being far away from drawbacks of the inconvenient hours of the day.

The followings are the best ‘whys’ to steal the advantages of being the ‘early bird’

Greeting the day: Night owls never taste the breath of morning rather always miss the greatest feats of nature- The gentle peaceful sunshine, invigorating and delightful vigorous morning hours, fresh and tranquil breeze and graceful beauty of morning that altogether boost your mood. Create a morning ritual to get up early in the morning and feel thankful for being blessed with the precious life, which ultimately makes you believe in your own potential, goodness and hard work.

“Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light.” ~Jean Giraudoux

Uninterrupted time to focus on goal: The palpable quietness and tranquility of early hours of the day is the focus enhancer that let you hear your breath, listen to your thought, and read your mind. Morning Hour is the best and uninterrupted time for focusing on your goal for the week and when you ‘focus’ on what you wish to achieve for the day, you actually end up accomplishing.

Advantages of extra time: Waking out for 2 or 3 hours means having an extra time to do more reading, exercising or meditating which means cleansing the mind from stress and maintaining the emotional balance for whole day.

Better Grades: In 2008 Texas University research showed that college students who were early risers scored better and higher on their GPAs than late night owls. A better grade means affording the better career opportunities. (Source: Forbes)

More Optimistic: In 2008 Harvard biologist Christoph Randler discovered that people who got up early in the morning were self-starter who explored the golden opportunities by sailing to an uncharted land. They were more recharged to turn the problem into opportunity and created wonderful life worth living. (Source: Forbes)

Foresee the Troubles: A professor at the University of Education in Heidelberg, Germany Mr. Christoph Randler published his research in the Harvard Business Review revealing that the morning birds were efficient in predicting the forthcoming problems and consequently were more active and quick in solving them and more rich in terms of leading the business world.

Christoph Randler “Early risers are very capable of understanding the value of chronotype diversity. Remember, we’re conscientious. This understanding probably originated far back in history, when groups comprising morning people, evening people, and various chronotypes in between would have been better able to watch for danger at all hours. Evening types may no longer serve as our midnight lookouts, but their intelligence, creativity, humor, and extroversion are huge potential benefits to the organization.” (Source: inc.com)

Better Planners: Productivity is a result of your incessant commitment towards excellence, better focus and better planning and the quiet and calm hours of morning help awaken your conscience that turn every ‘advance worry’ into ‘advance thought’ and transform you from only ‘the man of contemplation’ to ‘the good planner and accomplisher’ which are the key to organizational success.

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