Why Motivational Books And Seminars Will Not Help You

What’s the purpose of reading motivational books or attending self-improvement seminars?

Staying motivated is a consistent struggle and a life-long pursuit of attempting to repair our devastated state of mind – a state where confidence, focus and vision are assaulted by the negative forces of thoughts. It is apparent that the intensity of our pain – sufferings stemming from negative state of mind – is self-created that originates from unconscious resistance of accepting the truth. Here, motivation plays a significant role. It keeps track of any form of unhappiness inhabiting within us and helps us to work on them one by one.
We interpret that attending motivational lectures or reading self-help books will help us employ mature intelligence; and thus awaken our conscience to relinquish resistance and lift up ourselves in different mental settings and tasks which will ultimately lead us to accomplish preferred results. Eventually, the despair of balancing the extremity of negative forces leads us to laze around the motivational books or motivational seminars.

Do they have any practical usage (reading motivational books or attending seminars) in your life?

You know the reasons but do you count the effects? Sit with yourself in silence and consider the Reflection and Retrospection of the points you read in the book or heard at the seminar. Do those positive words have any reflection on the working of your thought process, belief system and attitude towards a task? Do they really initiate you to change your perception accordingly?

Most of time you store the whole episode of reading motivational book as theoretical knowledge in any hidden corner of your mind and seldom use them to improve your life. For example, you are told to say ‘It is possible and I can do it’ but how many times you say these words in difficult situations? Your single pessimistic utterance ‘No’ ignites your mind to accumulate the negative reasons to retain your position; and when you say ‘yes’ then no destructive thought habits can prevent you from achieving the task.

Make sure you don’t read motivational book for temporary refreshment. Without practical implementation, the purpose of reading goes in complete vain.

Why does the effect of attending seminars or reading motivational books seem to be short-lived or often doesn’t work for all?

Rigid belief-system

All negative thoughts arise from erroneous dogmas and psychological conditions – fear, worry, dread, nervousness, phobia, tension – that consistently frighten you with the delusional feelings of something depressing might happen before their actual happenings. While you are incarcerated in your rigid and discarded conceptual doctrines, how the external sources (motivational lectures, seminars, books) can so easily knock down its firm foundation based on years of conditioning? Moreover, the dreadful truth is not that you can’t break your imprisonment of false code of beliefs; it is your sense of security that comes from years of living in narrow and confined cell that doesn’t let you leave the place. Therefore the gain is momentary.

Negative motivating forces

Suffering from negativity seems to be the most common symptom among all, therefore it’s considered to be normal. If you consider yourself to be the ordinary victim with no extraordinary power to come out of it, you will never. In the absence of the impulse of self-realization, negativity arrives within you with powerful force and takes away the energy, confidence and courage. When you fuel yourself with negativity then it doesn’t matter how magnificent and wonderful things come around or truly wise words are showered on you, you always receive their negative translation.

Attitude of perceiving things negatively

When your perception of reality is controlled by you crippling emotional ailment instead of right mental attitude, truth reaches to you in its distorted form. It is attitude that decides to trash the negative thoughts or protect and defend it to cause depression, hurt and tears.

Resisting Change

“Nothing in the world is more flexible and yielding than water. Yet when it attacks the firm and the strong, none can withstand it, because they have no way to change it. So the flexible overcome the adamant, the yielding overcome the forceful. Everyone knows this, but no one can do it.” Lao Tzu

Be clear of the principles that will create the foundation of your entire life; however, be flexible in your approach and work on the method of accomplishing them. The biggest irony is that we know what holds us back and yet we are not ready to accept our adamant nature. We keep ignoring and resisting the very things that enlighten our soul and empower our life.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author; readers are advised to use their best judgement before reaching a conclusion.