Why Should You Fail??


Failure has always been a great learner or is it, failure is the steepest stone of a great learner!!! ‘Whatever the case may be, the truth shall prevail’, that’s an old saying conveying the biggest lesson one can ever learn. Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life to move ahead. Failure prompts people to learn things that no other person/way/method on earth can ever do; it carries some hardcore realities, bitter truths of life along. Hence, the virtue of ‘Great Learner’ is attached to Failure itself.

Rough waters teach the sailor the trick to travel anywhere anyhow; mountaineers trek the curviest points, tranche deepest slots, not just in their maiden attempt(rarely that does happen). Failure is needed to bring out the best that would have otherwise gone unnoticed through years(or probably whole life time).

The question arises – Why is Failure important to achieve Success? Or in simple words, why should you fail? ‘Success on a sunny day is easy but difficult on a rainy day’, says it all. Failure teaches the most important lesson which makes the conqueror fight and achieve ‘Fruitful Contentment’. If success comes easily, sky engulfs with selfishness, greediness, pride, ego, destroying the very essence of it.

Mind is the master carving all the statues to be unveiled at the right point of time, when all the failures have shown & grown up, to let the positivity and gratitude on being successful.

Failure is the necessity, underneath words throw a lovely lively light..

1. To wake up from self-ignorance

2. Shaping up one’s thought is essential

3. To direct and focus mind to achieve goals

4. Failure helps convert one’s limitations into advantages

5. Clay needs a potter to convert self into a pot, such is the role of failure

6. Discrimination between mere dreaming and real efforts can only be understood, if someone has ever tasted the letdown show, disappointment

7. Success nullifies the value of ‘Superpower Engine’ gifted to each of the individual by the Almighty.

8. A person born with silver spoon can never have the magical feeling of how it feels to own one’s creation(endless hard work and pain bears fruit)!!!

9. Failure is the mandatory ingredient to refrain from harming the Most Creative Person – ‘I’

10. To establish one’s own USP, falling short and dissatisfaction is needed

Who on this earth will let go off the platter of delicacies like that? No one..absolutely no one!!! But the person who prepares it and sees the reaction of the other ones – the temptation, the décor, the exquisite of the platter, the taste, the fragrance – smiles at the success of her/his efforts, the labor, the hardships poured in!!! The same person would have failed many-a-times to reach this stage..the stage of Victory, Gratification and Sheer Happiness!!!

Somebody said, ‘Inflict on me not the pain of an arrow but the words. Because the scar shall heal but the words will pave a way towards a journey unimagined!!’. Failure can lead to breakdown, and towards a beautiful heaven of your dreams turning into reality supported by Determination, Dedication, Diligence, Driving Force and the last but not the least, Action!!!

Grow Up..The World is Calling!!!!! Failures are needed to reach the Destination!!! No invention would have evolved without the breakdown!! Success is pushed forth by its Best Buddy, hence, one should fail for having a glimpse of the unexplored capacity of one’s own!!

—Dr. Priyanka Jain