Winds of Change

Winds of Change, Graphics: S.Heramb

Do we ever wonder about the world around us a step beyond the satisfaction of our needs? About why we are so afraid of change? The change may be in one’s personal life, a social or an economic change. It may be because we prefer to stay in the comfort cocoons we build around us. These cocoons exist in forms like our group of friends, family, culture and language. You name and it’s there.
But look at this paradox: Throughout our life we are hungry for more and new experiences, but when time comes to change small things we keep procrastinating.

There was a town filled with filth and garbage at its every corner. When the residents could not bear it any longer, they wrote to the town council about it. After a discussion between the members, it was concluded that a competition would be arranged to reward the cleanest locality. The residents of every locality were excited. Now every house disposed its garbage in the bins, which was earlier thrown hither thither. But no sooner had the situation started changing that the excitement give way to lethargy and the residents took back to their previous lifestyle. Each one thinking what if I throw the garbage out of my window, there are others in my locality who will keep it clean. This thinking soon took root in the mind of every resident and then every locality. Soon the town was set back to its original plight.
Isn’t this the story of our life? The situation may vary but the attitude is more or less similar. What we need to deeply understand is the ‘domino effect’ that a small idea can have on the people around us.

The mind of the sea was once filled with the dreadful idea that as its form is ever changing, it will be soon reduced to a small pool of water. This had the undesired effect on the life forms in it. They started perishing as the sea fixed its form to a rigid mass of water. When the sun rose next morning, there dawned an understanding in the mind of the sea about its own craziness. And the sea was transformed back to its original form. But this time its mind was full of waves of joy.

Hit the ‘Pause‘ button of your busy life and look around at the changes happening at each moment. Listen to the birds chirping, look at the leaves dancing playfully, watch the brilliance of the human body which, with every breath, is filled with vital energy and how each breath is a thin line between life and death.
It is due to our preconceptions that we experience every day the same and get entangled in the web of boredom. Before leaving this page do not forget to ‘Play’ your life once again. This time live it listening to the winds of change.