10 Common Characteristics Of Happy People

1. Keep away from Over-thinking and Comparison! Comparison is the thief of joy that stems from ignorance and evokes unnecessary feelings of not being comparative or competitive. When you are involved in the game of comparison, consciously or unconsciously, you are aspiring to become someone else – the second class version of yourself. If you truly wish to be happy and content, then compare your present-self with the older version of yourself and ensure that you are growing a bit better.

“Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people”Nido Qubein

Over thinking is a negative state of mind. If you think you can do it, then you can do it; and if you think you can’t, then you can’t. There is no point wasting too much time over unnecessary thinking. Bruce Lee says it well, “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

2. To be happy is a choice.“Being happy does not mean everything’s perfect, it means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” Ralph Waldo Trine, the bestselling author of the book In Tune With The Infinite: Fullness of Peace, Power and Plenty says, “To get up each morning with the resolve to be happy… is to set our own conditions to the events of each day. To do this is to condition circumstances instead of being conditioned by them.”

3. The Happiest People are ambitious; their ambitions are as powerful as passion. They reach their goals with long term planning, driving the vehicle of great persistence. When your ambition climbs up in a haste with incessant anxiety and avarice of reaching the top at the quickest, you get tired so soon and never reach there even after spending great labor.
Without ambition, one starts nothing and gets nothing. Prizes and results are not sent to you without doing anything. However, one is strongly recommended to to define their ‘AMBITION’ correctly and then grasp its methods and principles to be successful; otherwise, disappointments will lead to frustration and burn you in the flames of unrealistic desires.

“Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principals which direct them.”Napoleon Bonaparte

4. Forgiveness is the attribute of strong and happy people. Forgiveness does not always mean to forget or reconcile a relationship, it also means you have packed up all the gathered and suppressed pain inside and let them go away unannounced. Grudge works like a deadly poison inside. It neither lets you sit peacefully nor lets you think positively. It is always better to free yourself by forgiving.

“Forgiveness has nothing to do with absolving a criminal of his crime. It has everything to do with relieving oneself of the burden of being a victim–letting go of the pain and transforming oneself from victim to survivor.” C.R. Strahan

5. Accepting responsibility is another noble characteristic of happy people. Fear of insecurity, arrogance, and prejudice are the prominent characteristics of the people who refuse to identify, acknowledge and take responsibility of their very own actions. When you start taking responsibility of your own actions, you keep yourself from being trapped in the complicated blame games and stay focused on your objectives.

“The more you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions, the more credibility you will have”Brian Koslow

6. They are wise in sacrificing short-term delights for long-term happiness. They don’t choose what is easy; they consider what is effective and impactful. Such people, very often, let the short-term pleasures go or even have to fight hard against the difficulties and stop at the height of disappointments. But they seldom stop and keep moving ahead to reach the ultimate long-term happiness. All the pains they endure become memorable and life learning experience.

7. They are brilliant at self-management. They are not self crucified by their anger, frustration, or fear because they are very conscious of these barriers on the accomplishments of the purpose upon which their heart is stuck. A person who has conquered himself can conquer the world.

“Self-discipline is a form of freedom. Freedom from laziness and lethargy, freedom from the expectations and demands of others, freedom from weakness and fear—and doubt. Self-discipline allows a pitcher to feel his individuality, his inner strength, his talent. He is master of, rather than a slave to, his thoughts and emotions.”H.A. Dorfman

8. Self trust is an essence of courageous spirit and a personal asset of happy people. They trust and respect their existence as an individual. Self-respect and trust are the richest source of happiness and when one loses it, one loses the charm of life.

“Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another you have only an extemporaneous half possession. That which each can do best, none but his Maker can teach him.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

9. Praise more and criticize less! When criticism is necessary, then make it constructive. When you are criticizing, it reveals more about you than the person. Whenever in such situation, make sure you know the answer of the following questions:
Have you walked several miles in his shoes?
How closely do you know the person?
Have you been polite in giving criticism?

These considerations give satisfaction for not being mean to anybody.

10. They are humble and honest to admit their mistakes. Admitting your mistakes does not bring any shame; rather it makes you wiser and happier. They teach you to take pride of admitting them because it takes a lot of courage, and you have done it courageously.

“Sense shines with a double luster when it is set in humility. An able yet humble man is a jewel worth a kingdom.” – William Penn