5 Things You Can Start Doing Today To Stay Creative And Motivated

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

The best thing you can do to improve your life is to start doing new things. Things that you long wanted to do but could not spare time or got stuck in career and family responsibilities. Following are five suggestions that you can start doing today to stay creative, occupied and motivated:

Choose an Artistic Skill – Painting, Poetry, Photography, Music

Photography, painting, music and poetry are akin to each other and perhaps the best way to express yourself. Extract all your creative force from the root and try to relive your life with better perspective. Painting, photography and music are full of beautiful expressions that capture one’s thoughts, emotions and feelings about life, nature and the things around. This is the best time for you to start your hands at any of these creative skills. It will not only make you a beautiful human being but also inspire you to pursue your passion.

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Solitude can be Creative

Creativity is a way of thinking and acting accordingly. In order to be creative, one does not need to possess supernatural skills or be a star, performer or an artist. Creativity is neither a type nor a trait; it is a skill and very much achievable; therefore, don’t let your spare time or solitude fly away; utilize it by developing a habit of thinking constructively in several diverse ways on the things of your interests.

Have you ever noticed how creatively we think and act at the time of urgency? Isn’t it amazing that you do not get much time in urgency and still solve the problems easily? It proves that you are highly creative. Now the question is why to wait for the urgency? Life is full of creative moments provided you are frank and flexible to embrace and recognize them. Focus on anything you want and you will notice some concrete set of thoughts are surprisingly emerging.

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Pick up one of the Wishes you couldn’t Accomplish and Go for it

We all have some unfulfilled desires and we want to try our hand on it but complain of lack of time and motivation. Today, in the age of Internet, you are not alone and can’t run out of ideas and resources.
If you are materialistically thinking that time has flown by or there is no scope, then let’s put your fear into perspective with an example:

Have you heard about the most successful American folk artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses? She is popularly known as “Grandma Moses”. Painting was one of her obsessions that she could not pursue due to the poor family condition. She spent major part of her life doing jobs and supporting family. At the age of 78, she started painting and became very popular across the world.

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/photos/kensavage/

Learn to play a New Instrument (may be Guitar or Piano or whatever you wish)

Try your hand on new instruments. Learn flute, Piano, drums, guitar, or violin or anything of your wish. You will not only explore your creative hand but also seek out the utmost source of pleasure. I realized this after trying my hand on guitar and this new venture has given me the most precious source of entertainment.

For resources, browse YouTube, VideoJug, and many more blogs and tutorials; you will stumble upon plenty of free information including JustinGuitar.com (500 free videos), martyzsongs,for guitar. You can also capture the moments of your creativity and share them with others.

Photo Courtesy: flickr.com/photos/h-k-d/

Learn a New Language and Become Expert

Today, learning a new language has become several’s preference. Learning a new language helps you think better, faster, creatively and differently. It affects our thinking behavior and puts innovation into perspective. Besides creating meaningful experiences and refreshing ideas, it provides satisfaction of accomplishing the learning task.

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