Do You Maintain A Societal Equilibrium?

Take a long breath of fresh air into your lungs. How do you feel now? Nice! Don’t you?! Every breath rejuvenates our momentary life every time we breathe. Now do one more thing. Close your eyes. Bind the air inside your lungs. Don’t let it go out! Count numbers! Don’t laugh! It’s not a yoga breathing exercise.

Twenty….twenty five….thirty two…

It’s not happening anymore! Can’t bind the air more than this!!!
You need to expel it anyway….

Once you release the air from the lungs…
How do you feel?
Much relieved! As if you got your life back!!!
Now you might be thinking on what I am inclined to indicate about!

This time…it’s just one simple truth of nature!!

Nature is simply superb that lets us know what we are and what we ought to be!!!
We take the required amount of “air/oxygen” from nature and give it back the same amount of “carbon dioxide”.

For every thing we do, nature holds a rule! All the creatures respectfully abide the rules of nature except the culprit called human being. Don’t you agree with me?

Now what does SuccessStories hold for this nature rule?
As there is a term named ecological balance, there is another term named societal equilibrium about which we seldom think or talk about!!!


Take whatever you want…
Grab the opportunities
Let the nature spread
It’s fabulous red carpet for you
Plunge into work
Pull up your effort
Take whatever you want
The earth is yours
The sky is yours
And when you are fulfilled….
Don’t bind the success in your life
You can’t live peacefully
Give back to the nature
Give back to the society!!

Societal equilibrium is the call of nature now! Question your integrity! Community, does matter!! Think about the return gift!

There are very few people whose names were etched on history’s pages. The science behind their success and the golden pages allotted for them is based on the simple truth of nature. They knew the meaning of the word “equilibrium”. They knew the things mentioned below:

• Return gifts and their value

• The magic mantra named “we”

• The magnificent deed named “returning”

Let everything you own keep running….just like the air and the blood in our body! Can you arrest them and put them on stagnancy? Not possible. Right?

The same way, everything should be moving…from one hand to another…from one community to another! This is the rule. The more we break this rule, the more we are into troubles!

This is where we neglect. This area of concern remains negligent in our lives, leading us to numerous problems. Tragedy is that we keep complaining but fail to know the real truth, ‘that we ignored the nature’s rule’.

Mark your stream to be mobile…. You can keep these things on a run:

• Money: lend it…save it in banks….invest….do anything….but keep it moving.

• Intelligence: share it….help others….give suggestions….implement social transformation tasks….lend your hands in executing activities….

• Vision: share your views…let the ideas travel from one to another….

• Time: let it keep on running….be active….

• Opinions and suggestions: keep your opinions rated high with proper analysis and strategy. Let your suggestions flow to the needy.

• Attitude: your attitude should reflect confidence.

• Your hand: yes! Your hand! Your helping hand!

• Your life: your life should be exemplary and inspiring. It engages many lives to follow you or just take you as inspiration.

• Your message: your life should be your message.

The pros and cons:

• A lot of positive energy generates from your within.

• There is a scope for community’s support for your works.

• Every task becomes easy just because of positive vibes.

• Division of work becomes easy.

• There is enhancement in societal development.

• Team work develops.

• Chasing prosperity is now fun.

• You can retrace the lost community and drive it into the right path.

• Your self-esteem increases to its best.

• Money is used properly and it generates more money through entrepreneurship.

• Human relationships come on right track. Success is now not just your own possession. It spreads its wings and stews its fragrance everywhere.

• People may take advantage if your decision of giving lands on wrong hands.

• Time and money should be invested. People should be educated and suggested so that it leads to more success. But if both of them are vested in wastage, there is no gain.

Take and give,
Avoid stagnancy
Remember that you are a gladiator fighting for the welfare of both yourself and the society!
Dismiss the ego and let your success flow!
Miracles then form a line in every path to glow!!