Emotional Motivation


Emotions are universal, one needs to tame with unique mannerism and radical inspiration. Every single being needs energy for the fulfillment of doubts, fears and gray areas. Transformation calls for a creative session, an early morning one blends blissfully, to replenish the tarnished bridge of one’s very existence.

Radius of Happiness is important for the successful completion of one’s deep desires lying black and white in the permanently etched heart. Age of innocence can last up to any physical age, an edgy and gritty attribute towards immortality says it all.
Experiencing an altogether new avenue is munching one’s creamy comfort of the soul..How??? Let the greatest den and stress buster inject a positivity of vibration and inspirational swing!!

Healthy alternatives of giving up low emotional heartburn is simple – Laugh Out Sorrow, Drink a Refreshing Fruit Smoothie, Paint a Blank Canvass, Chant Mystical Mantra and not to forget… Dance in the RAIN, & Drench your SPINE!!!!

Minor chaotic upsurge can lead to a low illusory facet of worldly sorrowful cobwebs. But, that’s not the end. On a gloomy day, dazzle with each rusty puddle..imagine the laziness of the daffodils on the clouds..and just chill out..

Few musings to electrify the chaos present due to absence of emotional motivation 🙂

1. Create a nucleus of peace, joy and love

2. Tranquilize self with a healing touch and happiness

3. Crease off the weaknesses into an array of strength

4. Thrill with Frill of Breeze!!

5. Cluster the minutest detail of good old memories & Re-live them

6. Faithful prayers invokes and interests Almighty too!!!

7. Smoothen the waves of upheaval territory

8. Narrow the horizon of negativity and brighten the bass of Joy!!! 🙂

9. Leafless Branch too speaks a message – ‘M willing to shift dreary life, GIVE ME A CHANCE!!!’

10. Mesmerize, Excite, Pump all the Colors & Savor of Life!!!

Emotional Motivation is the dream of inner voice.. Communicate, Visualize, Inhale the lighter and vibrant hues of present time!!! Three-Dimensional parameter of time doesn’t gives a second chance – first, time teaches everyone the trick to understand the advantage of being balanced; second, time sports all good moments, the one who captures is the winner and the third, a mathematical composition of addition of joy and subtraction of sorrows & grief..!!!!

–Find solace..
–Swirl Motifs of Happiness..
–Print trends of Lovely eyeballs..

Stay Obsessive about Emotional Motivation!!! Cheers!!!

–Dr. Priyanka Jain