Gratitude – Easiest Road through the Toughest Terrains


The most uncommon feature, quality, phenomenon, these days is the mere expression namely, ‘GRATITUDE’.. Have we moved so fast with the technology that the basic emotion of expressing a simple ‘Thanks’ to someone is extinct??? What is one craving for – just the material success and loads of plastic smile??? Or something else… Any idea?? Absolutely not..none of us think that way.

Is it something like, bending one’s head in front of her/his parents to express heart-felt gratitude (most of the times) or keeping quiet(because mind is pre-occupied somewhere else) or is it just a way to keep them at bay? Smart Technology has paved in its way with jet alike speed.

No one is complete without the blessings and help of someone else(shall I say, parents, well-wishers, friends, relatives or even a stranger), still we take ages to convey the language of thankfulness to the most precious people. Why..why do we hesitate and back-off?? Bowing down in front of our own people makes us fall short, is absolutely a wrong notion.

Have we ever tried doing any such act, if yes only the doer knows the level of satisfaction derived. If not, time is right..JUST GO FOR IT!!!

Why to keep a slot of ice-cubes( appreciation and thankfulness) inside the refrigerator, better make a lemonade and enjoy the indulgence with a Toast of Fulfillment!!! Ever wondered why one wears the best watch on her/his wrist?? It’s a veiled subtle announcement—‘Yeah, Dear Parents, Teachers & GOD, this Good Time is yours Kindness!!! Thanks for the Good Times!!’..

Say before people who crave for it, eventually fall prey to circumstances.. All it needs is just a Sparkle..!!! Go get the Fire within warmed up and Shower all lyrical idioms(simple and honest words too can play the trick). Here’s a list of few ideas that may be a cloud of inner-reflection:

1. Loved ones do not need expensive gifts, a mere smile and a simple ‘Thanks’ can make it all

2. Dump the old statement, ‘Why me?’. Start afresh with ‘Just me..Yes, only I can do it!!’

3. Let the challenge be so daring that each stumbling helps discover, ‘Adversity counts and is acknowledges if not today, tomorrow for sure’

4. Send across a sack of grains/food to an Orphanage, it matters a lot to them

5. Feed a stray dog, pigeons, sparrows. An old saying, ‘If someone is not keeping good health, feed the pigeons corn and let them fly once done with food, the air engulfing their blessing cures it all’

6. Keep aside some profit for religious purpose, donate secretly and not openly

7. Spray the perfume of compassion, kindness and generosity; the fragrance keeps you on heels!!

8. Share one’s skills with people around, ‘Gratitude’ can be in any form

9. Aspire and Achieve the Dream one’s parents and teachers wanted, they owe the maximal of us!!!

It’s easy to talk about the pain and sufferings, real struggle begins when whole-hearted participation starts and changes the whole scenario..!!!
It enhances one’s worth, stops the rusting of the most beautiful emotion, and yes, betters your Road towards Peace of Mind!!!

Start Living, now..!!!

–Dr. Priyanka Jain
Photo Courtesy: Kathy